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  1. Quick question, when an item/artifact is cursed what does this mean?? Can the curse be removed?? Thanks
  2. I did an IDOC the other day and picked up two items: Stolen Property Belonging to Koole Lord Denthe Journal The journal says I can't do quest again since I did it already and the stolen goods allows me to take the quest but says I don't when I bring to Koole. Long story short I want these thing out of my backpack, how can I do this?? I accepted and resigned quest but still can't. Thanks
  3. I have never played as a tamer before and I do have a dumb question. Do you have to beat a creature into submission before you tame them?? Meaning do you have to lower their hp before they are tamable?? Thanks for you help and patience.
  4. Omah

    Best PVM Template

    What I am looking for is examples of templates that seem to be the most successful in PVM. Thanks!!
  5. I am looking for opinions as to the best PVM template. Thanks!!!!
  6. Ok I just need a little advice on my archer template: So Far I have: Arch 120 Tact 110 Anat 110 Heal 100 Civ 80 I am thinking about these tree skill for the balance of the 180 points: Resist Bushido Spellwaeving This solely PVM. Thanks
  7. What the heck are green thorns used for?? Thanks
  8. Ok, this mooring I noted a few quest givers behind the barricades of Old Haven. It appears one would need to get behind these barricades. Is there anyway to get behind barricades?? Thanks
  9. Just what does Powder of Fortification do and how do you use it?? Thanks
  10. A quick question, Does anybody know the loaction of the entrance to the tunnels under Buc Den?? Thks
  11. Hello again, I am looking into purchasing either an Ethereal Horse or Charger of the Fallen. I have heard your account has to be of a certain age to use these items. Is this true?? If so how old does ones account need to be?? Thanks for your help!!
  12. I can't figure out how to make items I make. I try the tab in the fletching menu, but no luck. The only thing I can think of is maybe you have to be a GM to actually mark items. My current skill is 98. Any thoughts?? Thanks
  13. I have seen lots of NPC Guilds examples include Theif, Ranger, Archer, etc.................... How do you join these Guilds and is there any benefit to joining such a guild? Thanks
  14. I just got the magic flute and map, but I am unable to determine the location on the map Any tips?? Thanks
  15. I am having trouble hanging a dart board. How does one hang one?? I get the targeting cursor but it states I need to mount on something?? What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!!! :cheesy:
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