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  1. Calell

    Fun Fact

    Fits along with what I already knew about men. >.>
  2. Calell

    Who again?

    Why would you choose to be called 'chip' when you're real name is Alex?...
  3. Maybe he meant HIS right?...
  4. Calell

    Bed Stats

    Hey now, I don't. I'm the one that ends up getting crowded out of bed. Especially when I'm not married/seeing someone regularly and both kids AND the cat decide they're sleeping in my bed. >.>
  5. Don't get me wrong, I adore animals and I love my pet like a member of the family, but being a single mom with 2 kids already and our pet (we got her from a shelter when we WEREN'T having such a difficult financial time), I would NOT be willing to add on more taxes or increase my personal spending for a registry like this that can be so completely misused. Look at sex offender registries. Yes, some of them deserve to be on the list, but there are a lot of innocent people marked as sex offenders for such stupid crap as what Mirt mentioned, while people who commonly abuse children are so good
  6. Didn't Ed McMahon die Wednesday as well?
  7. So...crop circles only happen in poppy fields? ... And it's a natural thing for allll animals to just drop in, make crazy patterns and circles, and then walk out? High or not, it's a straw and they're grasping on pretty hard. lol
  8. I'm sorry, but the 'I'll do it if...' o.0 If you're going to try to save someone's life, do it. You know what it's like and what you're going through...It seems unethical that this was allowed, but the four recipients are thankful, I'm sure. I've got mixed emotions about this.
  9. "The preferred remedy for Europe, he said, was to offer users a screen when they first switch on Windows 7 that gives them a choice between IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. " I'm guessing that's how they're planning to do that. And the full version for EU will be the price of everyone else's upgrade? I don't think that's quite a short end. Not to mention, the EU version won't have IE forced upon you...I'd say that's definitely a bonus. ^^
  10. Last thing I had to do was kill Ahune and we did that last night. Yay for Flame Keeper!
  11. A real tattoo that early on (as it's being done) would be red, raised, and potentially bleeding, especially around the spine. Def fake, but funny at any rate!
  12. Framing Hanley - Built for Sin And what the heck is the fixation on Lady Gaga?? Her face is kind of scary. o.0 She reminds me of Cami from Street Fighter in the Love Game video though...Guess she could wear a mask/paper bag.
  13. I love this clip. Thanks Gnomy
  14. It's better a watermelon than a pineapple. Ask Hitler. =^.^=
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