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  1. Sorry for the thread resurrect. I found this while looking around to see if there was any sane way to upscale UO Classic Client, because I've found that I think I still prefer it to the EC, simply because the EC's lack of updated building artwork really makes it look stupid. That, and the awful paperdolls. All they need to do is upscale properly... I grabbed a screenshot of my gameplay window and resized to properly proportioned *x1080 resolution. With bicubic resampling, it looks fine. Even bilinear. Fixing the visuals of the game at this point, is honestly more important than
  2. You can heal those things with the Mysticism and Spellweaving heal spells. Or at least you could last time I played a few yearsish ago. I don't have enough tinkering to craft one to test it anymore. They aren't the most powerful things around, but they are pretty cool/useful for non-OP hunting. I liked the wolf the most when I messed with them. I can't say for certain about the living Vollem. I am pretty sure I recall being able to heal that thing with regular Magery because it's not a clockwork one. I had a living vollem from the SA preorder, but it's apparently gone from
  3. I can just go back to the 2D client to get the right shades in the UI. It's just the EC that has a completely wrong UI for the dye tubs. Even the leather tubs are wrong! I wasn't about to go waste another 500,000 gold. Maybe after I finish grinding out Minax artifacts to get Blackthorn clothing to replace my crimson cookie apron and hobo-robe of death... That's the other thing I desperately wish they would fix in a better way. Every high level character inevitably looks homeless because of some robe + apron/sash combo. Those minax artifact drop rates are terrible, and you nee
  4. Did you patch? Yesterday I didn't patch the 2D client and it just doofed out at the login page.
  5. Like 4 years ago, I said Pinco's UI should just be the default UI. I kind of think that more than ever now...
  6. Nope. Things were spotty for a bit around 5am yesterday, but, it's up and going now...
  7. Yeah, it definitely has the "we're on life support" feeling to it, which is sad. It's also kind of funny that the game can stay afloat with such a small team. They might want to seriously consider farming the art out to the community. I'd imagine there's people who would be more than happy to help. One of the many people causing Atlantic to go into the "medium/high" population count has to be interested... Facelift to visuals like paperdolls/tiles ---> Attract new players that aren't scared off by doofy looking first impression visuals ----> money to hire more people....
  8. As a case in point, I got my girlfriend onto the game, and a friend. With trial accounts, I can't even give them any of the random loot I have laying around, because it requires Stygian Abyss. This made helping them out with some nice armor a bit difficult, especially because the NPC armor that is for sale has not been scaled to match the rest of the game really... you put it on and basically still get wailed on.
  9. The problem is, the new chat system has caused people to ditch bank-sitting. You used to have to sit there and read overhead text to talk. It's basically like a refined version of Ultima VIII. Banks were always crowded and full of activity. With the new chat system, you can just talk without doing that. So, it's ghost-town style. But... they put the skill gains in the same window as chats. You could actually turn off skill-notifications completely in the classic client. But, it never mattered before, because chatting never went over there. You also can't really filter out c
  10. I couldn't find a way to disable it in the Enhanced Client, either. I looked in the chat window settings file, and settings file generated for each player also. No dice. I could see how this would be irritating for a brand new player. Old players barely see skill gains anymore, or are powerskilling through things and aren't even caring about chats. I want to point out though, that you are exactly who I am talking about in this thread: http://www.uoforums.com/topic/56412-just-came-back-i-had-some-questions-with-regards-to-improving-the-game-population-looking-for-feedback/
  11. I remember VnG from back then, but I was mostly on AOL Legends back then.
  12. 1) It's never too late to get addicted to UO. If you go into it expecting an easy, WoW-like experience, you're going to hurt. If you go into it expecting a sort-of learning curve, followed by classic WRPG style dungeon crawling, you'll enjoy it. I've played like 15 MMOs and always end up back on UO, wondering why I stopped playing it. Chasing the shinies isn't always a good idea. 2) The magic of the game is still there. In fact, I'd say it's a bit better in some aspects than it has ever been. We've only just recently seen the game actually relate itself to the single player Ultima se
  13. I don't think meditation is going to be a fun time. You can't meditate in warrior-y armor unless you want to wear leather and stuff. Armor type determines stamina loss now IIRC. You need stamina for swing speed. I would switch this to focus. Also, the skill cap in the game was raised to 720. You have 20 extra points to wiggle around with! You could look into the Sampire template, because you're almost there already. Anatomy could be worth taking to 100. It gives you 55% damage increase at 100 skill, in addition to the 300% damage increase cap from gear + abilities. You
  14. Oh. I guess I need to readjust my gameplay alertness. I'm used to bank sitting/watching the overhead text. This chat-thing is new. Maybe I am not subscribed/entered into it? I never see any text on screen besides someone spamming UO Codes.
  15. I just came back, and my shard looks like a ghost town. Where is everyone? Did I miss a mass exodus to Atlantic, or something? I know everyone fled Britain Bank to go sit at Luna, but, even Luna is empty most of the time...
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