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  1. anyone please? Not sure what to use this 100 points on my stealer with. Poisoning seems wasted when I can poison with free shots on ranged ninjitsu items.
  2. any1 even using these forums any more? are ther emore popular forums we can use?
  3. So im running a fairly basic template 120 ninjitsu 120 fencing 90 tactics 120 stealing 120 stealth 100 hiding 80 snooping 100 poisoning all with lots of + skill and arties etc to get at least a small modicum of combat abilities. This is partly for pve stealing for the potions(balms) but I also envision it as being a felucia camper roaming around where the killers are in the champ spawns and being a nuissance and stealing things from people. Or even keeping him Red and being able to 'finish' players who let themselves get too low on health. I realize with this template his combat is not
  4. I'm confused at you martyna. The # of swings doesn't matter at all, even for the sampire healing, it's the 'dps' you are doing to the monster. If the two hander with 60% swing speed increase does more "dps" than the 1 hand versions with the same bonus from gear, then the two handers are better for the sampire period. It doesn't matter if they're slower.
  5. How hard are you guys hitting them with your sampires? I roll in with a 70 poison 30 physical air elemental slayer with hit leech mana leech stam leech and swing speed, and 100% dam from gear toss in tactics and good strength.....only hitting like 60-70 with eoo on (only 71 chiv sure) but i think with the air slayer i should be hitting that 300 modifier to the base... are they just specially resistant?
  6. I'd like to get some suggestions on where to hunt for some of the high end imbue materials. I've got myself a sampire suit, and can customize some weapons, but I can't make 'all' the weapons so would appreciate some suggestions. My gear is quite good, and I can make a very nice slayer or super slayer so some input here would be appreciate. To make the best use out of my time and farm for the mats i'll need to make more specialized weapons etc. Any suggestions on where, and what slayers to use? and for example 100% ice or 100% fire there? Thanks
  7. Does the vampiric embrace get any _bonus_ for being higherskill in necro? IE: can we get a bunch of +necro gear after we die to use with our arcane cloaks to 'cast' the necro skill at a base of say 60-70 + bonsues as long as the bonuses take us to 100+ (99+) we can still cast it? is there any downside to this (insuring the gear of course)? thanks in advance, figured could free up 30+ points to put somewhere
  8. Please reply here or icq me at 7140850 and name your price for Slither talisman
  9. thanks guys! Im not realyl sure waht the 'mana reduction' is referred to, but im guessing that's what the 60 parry is all about. so parry just isn't important enough to bushido to be necessary or as a reduction from damage it sounds like to take it to 120...instead you bring chivalry higher and prhaps tactics it sounds like?
  10. Have been getting mixed information here. And I"d like to ask some very experienced 'current' sampires for some advice. 120 mace compared to 120 sword for starters I'm told the new patch is increasing one of the 2 handed swords that has whirlwind to be higher damage...and one friend is saying that makes swords hands down the best no questions However, I'mt old mace (black staff) can imbue a Blackstaff then enhance it to add SSI (or DI if you need). and that other weps in the tree are good two handed axe or diamond mace Assuming very elite gear here, is the swords a slight winner still n
  11. Ok, I realize you can go full screen "hate that" I ALSO know that you can change the res setting in the classic client but it has a VERY low max setting. Now playing FREE shards, razor for example lets you 'stretch' the play screen bigger so when you're using a big flat panel you can stretch the play screen big enough to you know...actually be able to see the play window lol Is there ANY damned thing out there that will let you increase the play screen size on the classic client? At this point I don't care if it's supported or unsupported or a script or wahtever the game is unplayable
  12. Thanks a TON. I'm starting to piece this together as i pick through more forums. That perfection sounds -ridiculous- I really hope to get some insite now on the whole parry v chivalry thing. i mean most specs have the basics tac, bush, weapon 120 bush 120 etc But then they diverge...I hear in the last 1-2 years due to a 'patch' ti's 'better' to have chivalry at 90, and leave parry down to 90 instead of 120? Because they made chiv skill effect pal spells.... But I also heard some people say parry skill is useles.s.but it sounds like bushido give sa lot to parry...is the parry skill really
  13. nothing? maybe a skill rotation advice? I just learned how the honoring thing goes (hoping i can macro that what a pain) and learning what perfection is. Though some people are saying parrying is not needed but that kind of blows my mind...since most of the bushido stuff has parry related things? ....mmmm need more info I'm stuck with 120 maces it looks like, swords scrolls cost too much and I already had that. I heard my weapons of choice is black staff, but any tips on how to craft even a beginner level system for this would be helpful
  14. I guess to clarify, from what i understand, necro is ONLY used for vamp embrance so you get 99 skill then you re-raise your karma so your chivalry all works good? and you never cast another necro spell but that one right? still not sure about the "resist, parry or anatomy' question, so many dif opinoins...but NONE Of them seem recent.
  15. Tried reading lots of forums threads about this sampire PVE king thing. I'm trying to understand how these skills work together, chiv + Bushido + Necromancy. So you use Chiv for things like divine fury and to 'heal' after a fight, also for like...enemy of one for the huge bonus damage + ability to sacred journey? Then the bushido is new to me....so...seems like these are more 'stances' than anything else. All of them seem to use parry, though I see lots of posts saying NOT to go parry in the build for the sampire...? What's the deal here, do you just double strike or multi strike is th
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