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  1. Kirthag, you can also try visiting us on Friday nights (well, evenings in the EST). Usually a good sized group will be on for hunts and shard auctions on Fridays. As to SOTA, I am curious to see how online works (probably our preferred option, as we seem to be the MMO type!), and also how character building works. Although they are still in the idea gathering stages of design, what I have read makes it sound like freedom in builds (like UO), and maybe no caps on total skill points (like Skyrim)? This would avoid the need for character slots and such. Personally, without knowing very muc
  2. My setup is very similar to this. I have tailored (pun intended) my crafter to support my other characters (warriors, archers, mages, tamers, etc.). Essentially, I need to be able to craft armor and weapons, and I just very recently decided to add SA to my account so I could begin the process of learning imbuing/reforging. My newest crafter [will some day be] as follows: 120 Imbuing, Blacksmithing, Tailoring 100 Arms Lore, Bowcraft & Fletching, and [miscellaneous] (currently is mining to support the blacksmithing training - possibly carpentry in the future?) 60 Tinkering (to support the
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