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  1. To be honest, I haven't downloaded KR .. lol, think I've seen and heard enough as it is so I thought I'd rather wait till its officially out, and I'm sure if I had any other opinions, someone must have felt the same and voiced it out already while still in beta. But I wouldnt mind seeing everyone else's lovely houses in the lastest KR beta, Please do post ur KR beta houses.. *grin* And Thank u TigerEyeJade for the lovely comment.. I might have to think of reconstructing this 2yr old building when KR is officially released *shakes*..
  2. Guess I should clearify somethings first bout my post in Stratics brought here, First, when I posted in Stratics, it was BEFORE beta was opened to the public and BEFORE the NDA rule was set! (Can see in the KR pic stated 'Close Beta')then n thought some of u might have liked to see some players houses(to kill some anxiety like mine hehe). Apparently after the NDA rule was set I had stopped making comments bout my house even tho it may be open for discussion, can only shake my head now looking at it but u guys may still discuss bout my house pics only pls (nothing more outside the pics pls) a
  3. Lollipopz

    Horse Saddle

    TigerEyeJade,well it's what happens when u're on a very low populated shard n no one has any interest in these things. =) Moxie, I'm afraid these goods will be sold in LS only =/
  4. Lollipopz

    Horse Saddle

    Brom, unfortunately the goods are selling in LS. =/ And thank u Pop_L, I pray all goes well too with the surgery =) , he does have a crazy collection of stolen goods as he's the well known 'King of Thieves' on mi shard. hehe..
  5. A few prices lowered and More stocks: Sword Display (artifact rarity 9) - 4m EACH! 7m for a PAIR (South & East sides) Sword Display (artifact rarity 8) - 2m EACH! 3m for a PAIR (South & East sides) Leather Tunic (artifact rarity 9) - 4m Lamp Post (artifact rarity 3) dyed Black! - 500k OBO P.S: All Prices ARE Negotiable! Currently willing to trade for Inquisitor's Resolutions or Looking to Buy!
  6. Lollipopz

    Horse Saddle

    Yeah its just called 'saddles' ingame. So is 4.5m too much for one? As I was told they go for 4-8m in LS, I could always bend the prices tho Oh btw just had access to all his stuffs he's selling before he went in, so here are the others he's selling too: Figured a Picture's worth a thousand words.. hehe Everything in the backpack's for sale, so I'm looking for a price check on the Leather Tunic and Sword Displays both Rarity 8 & 9. Thnx. =D
  7. Lollipopz

    Horse Saddle

    My thief friend is in LS looking to sell tons of those stolen items. He handed me a few to sell out but I'm selling lower than most of the prices stated above n no one seems to be interested Just in case u were wondering how much and the items being sold are: Budha Statues (rarity 9) - 3m Each, 5m for a Pair! (South & East sides) Saddle (rarity 9) - 4.5m Skinned deer (rarity 8) - 1m Flowers (rarity 7) - 800k Each, 1.5m for a Pair! Other stuffs for sale: Pure White Hair Dyes - 5m OBO Golden Hair Dyes - 5m OBO Eval 120ps - 12m OBO So far these are a few he handed me, there are more st
  8. I agree those works are marvellous, my fav was the floating island. =) I do have a question though, are RainyLain contests only held for Japanese shards? When I learned of the 8th annual contest it was already in judging period and so entries were closed. =/ I'm from Formosa shard and have seen a past contest entry that was from formosa too. But I'm thinking if ur Japanese wasn't good enough it'll quite be a disadvantage right? Well thanx again for sharing.
  9. Hey peeps, Friend n I brought some goods to LS to sell, will sell out before returning to home shard, so here they are: Hat of the Magi(blessed,Dyed Black) - 25m OBO SOLD *Magery120 PS - 20m SOLD *Evalint120 PS - 12m OBO *Meditation120 PS - 3m SOLD (*Buy both: Eval+Med for just 13m!) Pure White Hair Dye - 5m OBO Golden Hair Dye - 5m OBO Blaze Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Ice Blue Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Budha Scupture (rarity 9) - 3m Each, 5m for a Pair! (south&East side) Saddle (rarity 9) - 4.5m Skinned Deer (rarity 8) - 1m Flowers (rarity 7) - 800k each, 1.5m for a Pair! Normal Scrapper's
  10. Wee.. Thank You Alynora for understanding my efforts and concepts for this house. :grin: :grin: And Thank you ALL too for the lovely comments :cheesy: I really do appreciate it *bows* :grin:
  11. Greetings All! Well here's my Spring theme decor for this year! =D When I first heard of this Contest, it was 2 days after entries were open and thought I've never really done a Spring theme yet and was thrilled of this challenge. So I immediately dropped my Event house decor plans and spent 3 days googling up what I could make of the 'Spring' pics I saw, came up with an idea and spent a whole week accomplishing it from scraps of pics and memories of sights I have seen before in my past travels(rl of course). =) Ladies and Gents, I present to u ... The Chocolit Spring Garden Shard: Formo
  12. Hmm.. thot Samurais use swords like No-Dachi, but the idea to use halberd as guards is perfectly fine :grin: still bows do make alittle sense if it comes to be used as guarding a fortress to fend off enemies over the pillars, hehe Nice setup btw *wink*
  13. Wow! And I was going to say I loved your curtain display AND the vendors uniforms that went with house display:grin: .. its a pity you didnt enter the contest, I tried to pull and encourage as much friends that are into decors on my shard to enter but didnt get much replies:-/ .. I reali like your house that gives a kind of cool Christmas atmosphere In my opinion, u did good :wink: Baganeko0 from Stratics:P
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