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  1. Hacking routing configurations are a pain in the butt. Especially if your daughter throws away your Admin information!!!
  2. Yeah pretty excited. Be even more excited if I can ever land a castle. The one thing I have never owned in all my years of playing is a castle
  3. It worked great but I landed a keep so I'm going to be giving this house to a guildmate who just came back. Thanks for all your help as usual
  4. Selling a 15 x 15 in Felucca New Mags that is directly west of the bank.
  5. Yeah I know. This is going to be for guild use.
  6. The house is a 15x15 on the southwest side of new mags
  7. I recently placed a house in New Mags and wanting to turn it into a craft/runehouse. Can someone give me some screen shot suggestions? I am TERRIBLE at house designing. I want it to be functional but looks good
  8. Merek, ICQ me. I have tried to add you but it will not let me message you without being on your contact list.
  9. I'm wanting to see how much interest there would be in an Alliance PVP team. This team would have a few purposes. #1 Teach those who want to learn how to pvp. #2 Protect Spawners who want to spawn but not pvp. #3 Have some fun!! ICQ Me or respond here if you are interested or have questions. 622593695
  10. Hah, Yeah I remember those names. I played Flint, Maas , Bonedancer and Shaolin. Download ICQ and hit me up. We'll get ya set and going again.
  11. Technohic, Who are some of your characters on GL? I originated from there and was there during your play time. And yeah come to Pacific and I can help get you back on track. icq me if you have it. 622593695
  12. Thanks, if anyone knows please let me know> Dont want to waste the time if I cant do it.
  13. Is it possible to do the Elven Heritage quest if you are a gargoyle? Of is this for Humans only
  14. I have a keep near the compassion shrine on Chessy that I wanted to trade for either Gold or a Tower/Keep on Pacific. Please ICQ me if you're interested. I also have some items I would like to trade on Chessy for Gold or equal item on Pacific. ICQ: 622593695
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