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  1. So is Focus a better skill for the ABC archer to have than Mediation is?
  2. Hi I'm just wondering how long the veteran reward thing takes to catch up? I'm at 40 months, but I didn't get a prompt at 36 months for any rewards. I just recently came back and reactivated my account, well about 3 or 4 months ago. Is there a way I can check if I have any? Thanks!
  3. I can't remember if I did this thread or not.. sooo... I play on Sonoma and I reside in Arizona!
  4. I was in my house and not in guard zone.... I fed it regularly lol I guess it just got fed up hauling around my stuff. It wasn't in it's pack anymore... so I guess I lost it all. It sucks :\
  5. Ok, so my tailor had a blue beetle. It was bonded, never had any problems with it. I logged on to her today and the blue beetle was attacking her! It went wild somehow. I don't know how this happened, as I know I logged off mounted on it. Now the things that were in its pack are gone. What happened to them? Did they drop and then decay? I don't get it... what would cause this to happen?
  6. Adam... I was able to find the plug in on Pay Pal by doing a search for it, a link popped up with it and I downloaded it. I hope that helps you too
  7. Does anyone on Sonoma have or know where I can get a 120 Archery powerscroll? I have 118 archery soulstoned and can't put it on an archer I really would like to. You can PM me here or ICQ me 49676262 thanks
  8. lol I happen to love Hello Kitty and never heard of this game... so thank you for the post... I'm going to check it out lol
  9. I just came back to UO after a break and I must say I am super excited to attend a Queen Mum event
  10. Hey Aggie. I was around back in the days you are referring to. I remember the Dark Tower, Ironwood, and the RP community. My character names were different back then also. I was very good friends with Lothar and the Ironwood group. UO is a lot different now, but I have to say I enjoy it just as much. In a different way though.
  11. Has anyone created a bar or lounge in their home? Preferably a keep or castle, without the customizable bar. If you have.. can ya post pics? TY
  12. I play Sonoma. RL: Ohio but relocating back to Arizona in a few months.
  13. oh sorry marshall, i think you added me but i denied you lol.. habit when i don't recognize the person :\
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