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  1. What's your characters names and why did you choose them? I used.. Felix because I like the cat Bilbo from Lotr Thor because its a macer with a hammer
  2. Is there any great loot to be had doing any of the quests? I had a quick look at the uo guide and it looked like a bunch of useless junk.
  3. Is ultima forever an online game?
  4. I like desperate housewife and a very good show is a reality show about a black rapper from the 70's who wears a clock on his neck. It's sooooo funny
  5. I salute the troops. Is "ooh rah" a phonetic pronunciation of "Hau" it stands for "heard and understood" but does sound like "ooh rah" when yelled.
  6. Sorry I am new to the game what is mystic and necro and focus and I can guess what poisons is. What exactly do they all do?
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