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  1. Maybe its just because Im ill and not thinking clearly but that thing was a mess for me. Just didnt make alot of sense...
  2. From what little I know about each, Glider is a much more intricate and "harmful" program than the UO "easy-mode" software that makes the rounds. I think it was kind of nice for Blizz to give him a chance to back down before taking him to court. Course, at 20 bucks a pop x 100,000 people that bought it, I guess he can afford the legal fees.
  3. Its been a while, but if you go into Customization and clear the entire structure and then Commit, doesnt that send everything to the crate? Cant say I truly remember...
  4. Other than upping an insurance bill or having to buy a CBD? Not to my knowledge. same thing with robes for the most part too...just aesthetics. What are the Vine Cord Sandals tho?
  5. Take off the pink cloak and check again. Im guessing that the Cloak graphic is bleeding through the horsey... If you look, the "dot" is right about where youre other knee would be...
  6. Theres been a couple PTRs since I started and havent had the gumption to go and figure them out...
  7. Its funny...I only have alliance chars and 90% of the time, I have better interactions with Horde that I cant even talk to than in my own factions capitals... *regrets not rolling Horde* And to anyone saying "Its not too late..." it is too late when it took you 5 months to get to 58...
  8. Open .zip Select all, copy, paste into your WoW/interface/addons folder. When you log in and get to the Character selection screen, look down in the bottom left hand corner. There is a button that says Addons; click and make sure it is on the list and the check box next to it is checked. If it says "Out of Date" in red next to it, click the little "Load Out of Date Addons" near the top...
  9. Might want to take a peek around here. All my dealings with them have been just for parts, but they have all been great... I dont think I can offer any more advice than that until the "Sticker Shock" debuff fades.
  10. Have you checked at you school to se if they have any kind of program for laptops, Windows, Office, etc? Its worth a look, though the laptops may be lame, but you may be able to pick up a WinXP disc cheap (as in like 10-20 bucks cheap) and at least have to not deal with Vista.
  11. hehehe, thats my same set-up. The keyboard is pretty nice too, though I dont use the backlight near as much as I thought I would...
  12. Stockades is actually kinda lame. They nerfed the drop rates of pretty much everything becasue they felt it would be too easily farmed with it sitting right inside the Alliance capital... I did Zul'Farrak for the first time the other day, probably my favorite instance to date. you can mount up everywhere because the whole thing is outside! My hunter is nearing 55 now (just finishing up Un'Goro Crater Qs over the course of this week) and I cant wait to get to Outlands and hopefully running some of the higher instances. *edit* Since we are throwing WoW sites around, Wowhead.com is teh w
  13. I havent found an MS mouse that Ive liked yet... Currently using Logitech MX518 (see pic) that is simply a model below the G5, I think. Very similar in form and function. I LOVED the sens switching when I was playing alot of FPSs...youe constantly changing roles (sniping, SMG, stationary MG, etc.) and the ability to change it on the fly helped immensely. Only problem is that my wife accidentally hits the sensitivity buttons all the time so I get confused when I start playing....
  14. Hmmm, I wonder if any of the times Ive reported the BuyMyGold people that they were really just peons... ^^
  15. All of my dealings with Vista have been...discouraging to say the least. The ridiculous UAC, is it? the pop-ups you constantly get that ask if youre sure you want to run the program you just told the computer to run? Whats next? Another pop up asking if youre really sure? The bad thing too is how they simply keep furthering the gap for the people who are computer illeterate...God, with that UAC thing, I know poeple that would just shut the puter off because theyre not sure they really what it is they want the puter to do!
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