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  1. Where do I get this? I cant find out what champ drops this. Is it the unique drop?
  2. Is it possible to use UO cartographer with the EC? I am currently using it on the CC. Also do I need different map files then what I used for the CC?
  3. awesome I think I understand it now. Thanks for the help!!!!!
  4. I have been trying to filter through the search results about damage inc and what makes me hit my cap but I am getting conflicting arguments. This is in regard to my sampire mainly. I read the uoguides page on damage calc and was wondering how my damage adds up. basically if i calculate my damage from tactics and anatomy and str I am coming up with 164.75 DI now if i add in a single slayer that boost me up to 364.75 str. does this mean i do not need any damage inc from jewels and weapon? if i run a super slayer i will only need 40 damage inc to reach my 300% correct? In pvp if i run 120
  5. Update! I used the pottery frags found in the abyss to make the lens this time. Made sure i had nothing in my pack except blue scales from the living Medusa. I still only made a grey gorgon lens. I then stoned off tinkering and put it on another guy and did the same thing. This time a blue gorgon lens! What does this mean? I guess ill try and page a gm and see what they can do about it, but its definitely a bugged character.
  6. Mcnuge, thanks for the input. I know the first time i made them i had a mix of scales but i no longer do that. So maybe it bugged me or something weird. I am going to try and stone my skills to another char and try that. Also I use the crystals from the Prism of light. But I will let you all know what I come up with. Thanks for the help.
  7. I add the lense to my item, it usually gives me around 30 charges, so i will have 60 charges to start the battle, with extra lens' in my bag to apply when i get low. Its only me and and one other player doing medusa. She is a disco myst. When i get turned to stone, (its not often very small amount) i check my charges and i will still have charges on both my items. I did not do medusas until about a couple weeks ago. When i make my lenses they are grey. even though i am using bright blue. Hope this helps and thanks for the assistance!
  8. thanks for the response, I am using the bright blue scales that I get from her but I only seem to block about 80%. when I have my charges on i will still get turned to stone 5-6 times during the fight even though i still have charges on my items. Could my crafter be bugged or something? I am 100% positive that I am using the correct scales. because all i keep is the Bright blue ones. thanks.
  9. So I have been chaining medusa spaws this last couple weeks in hope for a slither. I read that gorgon lenses are needed to block the stone gaze from the oh so beautiful medusa so I made some off the scales that I skinned from her while she was alive(ouch). Any way I run with two lenses in my gear (glasses and gorget) I have noticed that they do not block the gaze 100% of the time. From what I have read the bright blue scales are supposed to make 100% effective lenses. Has something changed? When I creat the actual lense it is grey, but I see on vendors they have bright blue ones. Not sure if t
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