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  1. Thank you for the info it is greatly appreciated!
  2. I am returning to UO and have only logged in a few hours to check banks, chars etc on Catskills. I really didn't see much action or even anyone around the typical areas (although it has been 4-5 years). I was wondering if there is still an ok population or if I should consider moving to another shard? I have always been on Catskills but with less time to play I would prefer to ensure my time isn't waiting around for enough people to get things going. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. I can't speak for RP community but i do think a classic shard would be wonderful for building a UO shard with a large, active community. I think everyone gets caught up on what is classic instead of think back to how much more you had to rely on other people. I know I for sure wouldn't have meet half the friends i had in UO if i didn't need to go to the bone wall to level my char warrior, or needed help getting back to my body on my bard in destard. I learned who i could trust to repair my gear up at the Brit blacksmith and relyed on them heavily. In the current UO world I can create
  4. If your still in need of the Frenzied O's on Catskills i can tame you some later today when i get off work...let me know
  5. Copenhagen

    Hello all

    finding a decent weapon with mana and stam leach can replace the need for focus on a warrior. If you get a fast weapon with mana high mana leech you can lightning strike your heart out without mana issues...
  6. My offer of what gold (at least 1 mill) and weapons i have left on europa still stands...it will allow you to buy some ok armor and insure it so you wont have the same issue.
  7. I will look for them at the yew gate, although i only remember seeing Drake in the last few weeks at the gate. thanks alot for you response
  8. I recently transfered off Europa to my original shard but i probably have a good stash of decent weapons/armor and some gold i could give you on europa. these things will make a big diference in what creatures you can fight. also i probably have a few rune books to different hunting spots. i will check when i get home tonight and pm you with what i have left on europa if you're interested also i can walk you through a few things that might be confussing to a new player
  9. Thank you for your response, I really am not much of a RPer... I can survive in Fel....well most days that is. I was just looking to join a side, typically i get attacked by all sides/factions and i war whichever group attacked me last until the next group. I am mainly interested in the fighting, sure i will help do whatever is needed for the group but my game time is often limited and pvp is my main interest. anyway thank you again
  10. You can use a name change token and the bless deed will still work for that char...once the name of the char has been changed just unbless the item and rebless it to have the name update but it is blessed either way...
  11. A friend talked me into trying out the new client because he said the macro system was so wonderful. I did download in on my lap top and had the same problems youre having, i almost deleted one of my chars just trying to log in. I haven't tried it out on my regular computer to see if it was just the graphics/resolution or something on the lap top...but it didn't take more than 2 minutes of the crap for me to give up on that client. If i ever try it out on my reg comp(doubtful) and it is better i will let ya know
  12. Copenhagen

    all kill

    I agree about your statement of what PVP SHOULD be but I general play solo in the field or at the gate and was looking to use my pet to help when i am fighting out numbered...mostly defensive build to survive. Let me say that PVP is rarely player vs player unless you add an s to one player... i can nearly run and heal with 4/6 chiv, if i get fizzed i get good heals with 50 ep ring/plus bonus for alch and with 120 wrestle and 70 DCI i am hoping the dexxers wont be hitting me more that 50% when armed. wrestling = disarm, which means dexer doesnt hit me....i know when i fight a mage on my dex
  13. said thief needs to join the thiefs guild then he can steal from anyone and he will still be able to join factions. should be able to freely steal from faction players but guard wackable and grey (sometimes) on blues..
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