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  1. www.imanewbie.com Now hosted by UOGuide. Relive all those painful early UO memories!
  2. Yes, the easiest way to check if your have Stygian Abyss is to try and create a new character as a Gargoyle. If you only see the Human and Elf options you do not have Stygian Abyss.
  3. Learn how easy it is to edit UOGuide with this video tutorial:
  4. If you don't already have Stygian Abyss you will want that and Time of Legends. As Kayhynn said, High Seas can be optional.
  5. Lady Lavender, Governor of Yew, is putting on the annual Halloween Maze event sponsored by the United We Fight guild. The Atlantic shard event will take place on Tuesday, October 11 at 9pm EST. The goal is to navigate through multiple houses using teleporters to reach the keep roof. Gates will be open in Luna, New Haven, and West Britain Bank shortly before the event begins. Here are some tips to help your navigate the maze: You can pass through the Iron Maidens and Guillotines by double-clicking them twice Teleporters can be tucked between walls, under goza mats, rugs, or furni
  6. I made a video tour of UOGuide to highlight features about the site people may not know about.
  7. If you haven't noticed, the recent UO newsletters contained the following paragraph near the button: It is not clear what they will forgive. But it is more likely you will be unbanned for relatively minor reasons such as harassment, being reported for saying prohibited words like "rape", speedhacking, etc. If you know someone who was banned then let them know they could have another chance!
  8. I am working to get lots of Atlantic related news on my revamped website www.jcthebuilder.com. All my event videos including governor meetings will be posted there. Hope to have contributions from other Atlantic community members as well!
  9. For full details of the meeting see: http://www.jcthebuilder.com/june-2016-governor-meeting/
  10. Since no one else is currently doing a podcast, I wanted to try and get one going. The first episode reviews the big Felucca EM PVP event last month on Atlantic. We also talk a bit about the new potions that came out with Publish 93. www.uoguide.com/Britain_Crossroads_Podcast Also, I have revamped my personal website as a sort of UO news hub, specifically for the Atlantic shard. But there will be more general stuff on there for UO too. www.jcthebuilder.com Finally, I am going to be uploading tons of videos to my Youtube channel. I have a 3-4 month backlog of videos to edit. I already h
  11. The second half of the battle is the best!
  12. Last night was one of the worst battles in the history of the Crux Ansata. While in the end they did manage to win the day, it was not without heavy cost. Countless people died, some many times. Here is a recounting of the tragic events. Firstly Charlotte Wellings led the guard to a crack in the wall located in the courtyard of Castle British. Instead of taking time to widen the hole so many could go through at once, she had the guard charge in single file. People who emerged on the other end were instantly cut down by big black creatures known as Creeper Mites. Instead of calling
  13. It is upon us once again! The bi-annual governor elections are beginning very shortly. Every 6 months there is a chance to make a difference in our world of Britannia. This time around there is one candidate you should pay close attention to! For too long just anyone has been allowed to waltz onto the island and into the city of Moonglow. This has brought about economic ruin and social despair to a once great city! The Atlantic Mage Tower, once the pride and joy of mages across all shards into the multiverse, even fell to ruin some time back. This just cannot stand. As govern
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