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  1. Bringing my lucky dagger to this! I'm hoping the 150 box is the deed for the shrine *grins*
  2. How far away do I need to be? Obviously I won't be able to use veterinary. It must have used the breath over and over in a short period of time. I dropped from 110 to 0 in seconds after it was already half dead from my pets.
  3. Do they have some sort of special area attack? Every time I fight one with my pets, I get obliterated in seconds when I try to heal them. I know my resists aren't good, but I can't fix that at the moment. I'm kind of frustrated because my pets do so well against them, but somehow I start taking massive damage halfway through the fight. I'd really like to explore level 3 Shame, but this is a brick wall for me. Anybody know about this attack?
  4. Hey Balon! I came back after 10 or so years just last month. There is definitely a lot of new content to learn and explore. Just don't forget that its the community that will likely make the experience for you though. Try not to solo a lot. Any particular guild interests? (PvP, PvE, Roleplay, Crafting) Visit Ultima Online Gameplay Guide - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia for info on all game content.
  5. Thank you to those that showed! It was really fun.... winning!
  6. I would trust Peter Jackson completely on this one. I want another epic trilogy like the Lord of the Rings. They were only just leaving with the ring when the FOTR ended as well. The longer and more detailed, the better for me. The anticipation for the next film will be so high, and that feeling is so awesome when the next movie finally comes out.
  7. I don't have one to give. But I bought my first lrc suit last night for 40k. It seems to be cheaper to buy individual pieces, rather than a full suit already put together.
  8. When will the tour be? Maybe I missed it
  9. Agreed completely. There will be slow times no matter how good the events are. I think this is the main reason people give up, because they aren't getting the turn out they want. Sometimes it takes a while to catch on, and even then there will be a constant rise and fall of participation. The more people we get to help, the better. Not just for the variety it could bring, but for the delegation of running events as well. In this way, the whole establishment doesn't reside on the shoulders of 1 or 2 people, and ensures longevity.
  10. Thanks guys Kind of disappointing that I can't do much about it.. but i'll work around it
  11. Whatever change I make to one character's hotbar, changes the other character's hotbar, and vice versa. Both characters do have the same name though. Is that affecting it?
  12. My two characters seem to share the exact same hot bars. Is there any way to separate this? I want them to have their own unique bars.
  13. I might be making this a tad complicated, but here is an example of how two weeks could work: Week 0: Professor tweedy creates a lesson on birds and puts all instructions in a book and places it on the university registration vendor a week in advance. Players have all week to pick up the book and preview the lesson. The book includes a short description on what will be learned, what people should wear and expect (danger wise, not all details), and character type. Professor Tweedy spends the week decorating the room she is using in the university (just furniture). Week 1: Students arrive wi
  14. Okay, I was brainstorming all last night and I couldn't come up with anything unique.. but... I always liked the idea of a university. Maybe we could line people up to teach some sort of class (no matter how official or strange). We could schedule these far in advance, so people have time to prepare. This would help put the work of a regular RP event on the shoulders of the entire community. I have a lot more ideas for this, but i'll reserve them for now.
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