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  1. That is great news!!! My poor miner always had to run when they popped...she cannot fight such a nasty creature Thank you for your responses!!!
  2. Do the ore elementals still spawn when mining? I have been back almost a week and have been mining quite a bit but I have yet to see one pop up....I am afraid to walk around with my fire beetle because I hate it when he dies. They are a pain (for me) to get a new one
  3. Good suggestion....i will have to be more proactive
  4. Ya I hope to stay on Napa...I wouldn't want to pay to transfer 7 characters!!! Are there any events going on right now? I know when we left we were having fun doing spawns and the tokuno quests...
  5. Me and a few of my friends just came back to Napa shard this week...We were part of the old KO (Knights of Order) Guild.
  6. Hey everyone...Me and a few friends have just re-activated our accounts after our last UO break (which unfortunately has been several years)...I still need to upgrade Stygian and the high seas pack and I am wondering if there are any events going on right now?? I try to look online and everything I am finding is out of date. We are all super excited to be back but it looks like our shard (Napa Valley) is kind of sparsely populated now There will be five of us...2 are new the rest of us our vets and I was just wondering if anyone could help get me up to speed or point me in the direction of
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