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  1. I started playin UO in early 1999 and I was sure I could take out sewer rats in the sewers underneath Britain, alas they were tougher than I thought. I finally got strong enuff to take a few of them and for several months I killed sewer rats to raise my stats. Now that was a grind.
  2. Please don't say say look in a book written by Betty Crocker. I have only been playing again for a few months after not playing for about 7 years. I have a GM carp and he can't make a certain statue because he hasn't learned the "recipe". Well thanks in advance for any help I got go kill some Ogre Lords and Liches. "Hey, Betty Crocker, will you come along I may need you this game had changed. and PS bring your OAK rolling pin."
  3. Well I also have to be attended in IRL. Two guys wearing white coats follow me everywhere I go. It is quite annoying.
  4. I wish I still had my Commodore 64 just to play around with it for nostalgia. That is how I first got introduced to Dungeons and Dragons. A game for C64. My sister was going to Georgia Tech and a classmate had given her a game called "Pool of Radiance". She told me about and I went and bought it. I used to play that game when I was off work for 12-14 hours at a time, I was addicted, it was like cocaine to a coke addict to me. It was new and it took me some time to finish. <pause, sorry gotta take my floppy disk out and insert disk 2 to finish, just a moment please> I could never finish t
  5. I just tried to log into Genesis Internet Service and play Mechwarrior online, guess what someone stole it or something it's gone. I guess I will just log onto AOL and play Dungeons and Dragons. I remember having 3 phone lines installed at my house so I could run 3 computers and 3 AOL accounts to control 3 players in D&D at once. You paid for AOL by the hour then and I remember one months bill being over 1,000.00 once. Oh yeah all 3 comps had smokin fast 9600 baud modems. Well it's time for my Geritol and a nap, seeya.
  6. I have 3 Vet Rewards years 1 thru 8 for 10 mil each. I also have some items that I dont think spawn anymore they stopped around 2003 I think. Necklace- Agility charges 10, Dexterity Bonus 10 Earrings-Agility charges 15, Dexterity Bonus 10 Bracelet- Agility charges 15 Boots-Agility charges 15, Dexterity Bonus 10 Leather Sleeves-Agility charges 36, Dexterity Bonus 10 Wodden Shield- Agility charges 31, Dexterity Bonus 10 Cloak- Agility charges 3, Dexterity Bonus 10 Tribal Mask- Agility charges 6, Dexterity Bonus 10 Plate Helm- Agility charges 7, Dexterity Bonus 10 Earrings- Spell refl
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