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  1. https://help.ea.com/article/third-party-programs-approved-for-use-with-uo
  2. Yes, you'll have to say something in general. I was actually on last night hunting by myself too. I wanted to gather some of the new music so I was playing in the Abyss. I think a lot of people were wrapped up in the fel castle idoc last night.
  3. Luna mint is usually where most gather at but I don't think many "bank sit." I'm surprised you couldn't get anybody to chat on general since it's normally pretty active when I'm on. Sometimes EMs make a channel for events or players make channels for their events/dungeon crawls...so check to see if there are other channels aside from general/help/trade. If you see "Void Pool" that's a dungeon channel players make sometimes when they are going into Covetous as a group. Anything marked EM event is usually worth joining...it normally means there's an event on our shard in progress...but someti
  4. I returned a few months back after nearly a decade away. I found no "returning" player guide but I did find people were willing/able to answer any questions I had on Catskills. You should join General via chat feature if you haven't. Players move around but most seem to stay on chat. As a shard we've killed harry a couple times since I came back. People usually do champ spawns but in much smaller numbers than you'll remember. Some people solo/duo the spawns. If you have interest in doing them - you should be able to find somebody to do them with. There are venders scattered that offer
  5. I don't know if I want to pay 20 bucks to transfer an item that is worth 6-10 mill probably. Maybe if I collect holiday gifts for a couple of years...then it would be worth to transfer. haha. The item just has some sentimental value.
  6. I don't play the shard so selling the item for gold doesn't seem the way to go. If anything I'd probably trade it for something on Catskills or try to get it transferred over to my shard. I actually know the person who made that all those years ago so I think it would be sort of neat if I could keep it.
  7. Great Lady War, better known as Mary, is sharing her immense rares collection with the players of UO. While it is located on Catskills - players from all shards are welcomed to come tour the 21 homes that display her treasures. It's easy to find the start of the tour...just recall off the rune at the Luna moongate! Mesanna showed up to lockdown teleports at each of the houses so that players can tour in one endless loop without having to recall back and forth. Look for the red alchemist symbols near each house and they will direct you safely to the next stop on the tour! Don't be too
  8. So, I saw your Halloween deco contest post and had to peek after our ICQ talk. You should definately break up it up into two categories. There's a world of a difference between some of the deco you can do. Did I mention I love Halloween?! Celebrating it starts Oct. 1st! Oh and sorry..I know I don't play your shard but hey it was about Halloween!
  9. Awhile back, I traded all of my gifts across shards (mostly to one person) and I didn't notice these items in the process. Anyway, for some odd reason I felt the urge to check for sewn items on a shard I only played for a month. I found this sewn floppy hat, scissors with uses and a few exceptional double tagged items. The items are on LS. Other than Catskills...I really haven't played on other shards minus gift trading...and well that month on LS that didn't stick. haha! I haven't quiet figured out what I'm going to do about this recent discovery. Maybe after I'm more awake...
  10. On August 12th at 8pm EST EMs Barnaby and Leonidas hosted a capture the flag PvP tournament. The 4 v 4 was changed to a 3 v 3. I was lucky enough to get a "press pass" to view the fight area before teams entered to start the event. They didn't want spectators because it was felt it would add even more chaos to an already chaotic fight. The objective was capture and hold both of the flags for 60 seconds. This is the center of the fight area. It's quiet large and would take a minute to run from side to the opposite side. As I reached the opposite end, I was informed it was time to
  11. The books that announced the Catskills' Festival were first noticed last month as longtime player Foxie dropped them around Luna. For weeks collectors eagerly awaited the weekend where more than a dozen players would setup vendors. Runes named after players, who would put up vendors at a later date, offered a tease of what was to come. Foxie, JP, Aaron (Flame), Ducan, Prometheus, Mystic, Beloved, Val, Secret Agent Man, Moon's Daughter, Zolaf, Teela and Bishop were some of the festival merchants. August 10 through 12th players found a wide range of items for sale at the vendor
  12. Kaelyn is right - many people go into a MMO today wanting to "beat it" or "reach end game." WoW is definitely one those games - it's a race to clear content before the next expansion comes out. While UO definitely has parts that are time sensitive, you don't miss on much if you opt out of that part. Ultima Online also seems to give you ample time in most cases to complete something. I might shy away from the "end game" types these days because I don't have time to be a slave to a game anymore. I don't think MMOs are dying but I do think future MMOs need to refocus if they want longevity.
  13. ToR was great the first month. After that I found myself extremely bored with it. WoW actually held my interest for a couple of years before it seemed mind numbingly repetitive. Personally, I want to game - but I want something I don't feel like I have to be slave to for advancement. I also like variety. Currently that's what UO offers.
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