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  1. I personally think it'd be a solid move. The ability to "dye" our tamed pets either temporarily or permanently. I've seen different colored dragons on some of the free shards, and heck... Petsmart offers it IRL . Could set it up that the temporary dyes (available on NPC vendors for an exorbitant amount of gold) last until you stable the pet, Whereas the permanent ones (obtained as vet rewards or tokens from the UO store) will last until changed by another dye. Then you could also institute pet grooming on the stable keepers (also for an exorbitant amount of gold) where the pet needs to be
  2. Not sure of my old character names, I think my main was Metazuul or Tyrfing. I just remembered my old login info, so maybe I won't have to start from scratch after all. I'll buy a month and see what happens. *edit* Michael and Na'amah are my two chars on this account.
  3. Hate to say it, but I'm giving up. just canceled both my accounts. My New Magincia house and Fel keep will probably drop sometime soon. Was fun while it lasted, but it cut into my study time and has been affecting my grades. Have fun all, and maybe I'll see you after graduation. :'(
  4. A little birdie told me it was Kahlan's B-Day today, on the off chance of it being true... Happy Birthday Boss Lady! If untrue, then a Very Merry Unbirthday to you =)
  5. kinda worries me that the top of the logo is now closed... hoping it's not a portent of doom for the future...
  6. Not in the guild, but had a thought on this. How about having someone "inherit" the scrolls to add to their book from a wizardly relative (or a thief that stole them from a wizard and is now dying due to the wizard's wrath) when they achieve the maximum they can with what spells they already know. (fun death scene could be effected by a trapped box carried by the thief who suddenly explodes after handing the scrolls to the character) as I said, just a thought.
  7. Lol, sitting in a bone throne while sailing makes it sound like a floating orgy... Kinda funny that I discovered that AFTER naming the ship "The Soiled Dove"
  8. got one last night, set up a bone throne on the back to fish from.
  9. just plan on using it for fishing and maybe a bit of RP, have 3 garg ships right now and am looking to consolidate to one.
  10. Thinking of buying one, saw some for 15m a month ago, but they seem to be all gone. just wondering what the going price was and if anyone had one to sell.
  11. In AZ as well, and it lets me hit the patch server, but logging in causes client crash
  12. Stats - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia I always refer back to this when I need to tweak stats.
  13. join « Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster There ya go.
  14. s'okay, someone bought it during the wee hours. I am content, and whoever bought it will be ahead of the game for a while.
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