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  2. You still can go down rather quick with a level 4 or 5 - just tried with a birling blade. Then you train it up down on the boss level and you can then even take the beast back up to the level of your karma alignment. If you only do it quickly enough - release the beast and immediately take it back, it gets teleported back up with you!
  3. got three arty drops yet: fencing war fork, quiver and gargoyle talons by doing about 7 or 8 'runs'. On one run in, my fully trained Naba got teleported into a location where it was stuck (!) and couldn't move away - so I went alone towards the boss and his wisp - on that occasion I was there with Jarnsaxa, my stealth ninja. Took care about the wisp(s) in cat form. Keeping the wisp(s) busy seems to speedup the downfall of the boss greatly. Players cannot damage the boss directly but one can damage the wisps. As soon as one wisp gets killed it takes the boss a while to summon a new one. Du
  4. First of all go hurry and read Nimuaq's (!) wonderful overview here ==> Despise - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia ... now that you know the most important stuff, I'll try to list what I found out - either by myself or by reading through various posts on stratics ... I was a bit troubled by the 'complicated' karma alignment 'story' in the beginning and I try to explain. Nimuaq lists creatures with their alignment AFTER somebody (a player) got possession of them and after they got through the first three or four levels of training! So if you go to Despise, you'll see most of th
  5. delayed welcome from 'me' also! Please forgive 'me' =)
  6. pfftttt... gargoyle bard ... but I forgive you Lien And thankXXX for the welcome nevertheless! BTW #xy: Brunhild was an emissary in RAAM for a good while! I have no clue who changed that without even telling me. Alan did that for me so that Brunhild could get Snorri (or anybody else from my 2nd account) into RAAM when needed (without bothering somebody else with my complicated guild stuff!) So Snorri is in fact a returning RAAM mate ;-)
  7. welcome to all the 'noobs' =) I'm glad, that I got rid of that 'job' BTW - my first post was just done for my 'self introduction' in the private forum. Be warned, it's long as I obviously like simple stuff done the 'hard' and complicated way
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