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  1. Not too interested in gold drop as much as magic item drops. Thanks for the tip though. Anyone else got any good information on non-magic using high end loot mobs i can farm with a provo mage or provo archer?
  2. Its 2016, ( sorry to necro), with the new skills and changes i ask again, whats the Best Non-magic using Mob to farm for items?
  3. more PVM. provo mage looking to fill in one more skill. necro was gettin boring
  4. ill check to see if i got my old Scroll shop runebook and loan it to ya.
  5. is there any common spellweaving rotation people use? any with Magery ?any info is greatly appreciated !
  6. a new game being played by millions of people will most likely create bugs and problems not experienced in beta. i didnt expect to play the game so soon after release...i was predicting maybe a week or so until you could play a little. no rush for me anyways since im training for a 5k . will play this weekend if i can keep me updated ! i wanna kniow what class everyone prefers
  7. its most likely my old pc ! i saw they removed Paladin ! ...i dont know what i will play now. Prob Barbarian or Wizard for now
  8. Anyone playing it up ? how is it so far? buggy ? my chessy gold farming is gonna have to wait till i troubleshoot it ! do you all think i could run UO and Diablo 3 without slowdowns? UO doesnt seem that power intensive or memory intensive still gotta update my drivers ...dont know if i am gonna have to get a new video card
  9. was just saying that the runic is not totally worthless
  10. u can use the runics to make LRC suits and sell the sets. use that gold to save up for a higher runic.
  11. is Covetous revamp live yet? or is it just origin ?
  12. hook. id suggest either working on the tradeskills to get some tailoring runics. then crafting some good stuff. or if you wanna use the cursed items i would make sure to have back up pieces ready when they break or you lose them. But runic gear is a good place to start.
  13. pvp is low pop here. if thats your sole purpose, id look elsewhere. otherwis, its still kinda low population here so if you are not a loner id suggest finding a good guild asap. Welcome back btw !
  14. its kinda hard to sell anything nowadays just because most people have a crafter, can network to get it themselves or can farm it themselves. id stick for the price checks on high end stuff. and even then id wait for someone that is actively looking for something to buy. Other suggestion would be to get a spot in a vendor mall and post it there to see how it fares. put any outrageous price and adjust it overtime.
  15. Problem with this is that people have different opinions on it...luck would have it people are friendly on here from what ive seen,but usually when someone says "thats worth 10,000g" you get 4-5 other people (that havent contributed to the conversation from the start lol) that will say " LoL " or "are you kidding". Best thing to do for pricing i would say is browse around the vendor malls near luna, if u see a similar item just undercut it or set it at a major discount.
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