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  1. Agreed, we all know the real guns and roses is slash rawr!
  2. Took my wife to see her Twilight movie, have to say the chars hit the book dead on with actions and such and I had to eat my words, it was actually a good movie BUT if she hadnt made me read the books first I prolly ouldnt have liked it. The fact that the actors played their parts so well sold me.
  3. I have often thought of moving to Europe as well, I play time is in the mornings which isnt when many PAX people are around, on that shard it would be evening time. I hate to leave all my friends though. I left Sonoma because almost all of them were gone, here they still play I just dont get to see them hehe
  4. Hail Raistlin, I am also a transplant from Sonoma. Welcome to Pax!
  5. I am on a round about in rl but will be around at the first of july
  6. The Dragon lounge inn is open to you anytime you want to run it, I am sort of outta game right now but you are still welcome to use it
  7. To many kids these days tell parents what to do let alone teachers. I went to pick my son up from school just the other day and there were kids running everywere. I am wondering wtf if anything are they learning. Bring back the paddle! Spank a mean kids bottom once in a while
  8. Exactly, 30k. The actual working man/woman still cant afford it.
  9. Yeah but it will prolly cost 50-100k or more so whats the point lol
  10. Sonoma still has some very respected players but for the most part it is empty. I moved from there to chessie and have been happy every since. Though I still play sonoma it is not the sonoma I once knew. If you decide to give chessie a try let me know and we will help you out anyway we can.
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