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  1. very nice to get pictures of our "exploits" ... It was a very good hunting night... one of the guildies got a nice drop at Medusa !! I think you should be appointed as official biograph of guild activities =)
  2. I am always ready to kick pirat's... just tell me and i ll be there... also got my own bag of ammo and stuff =)
  3. Through the history of our guilds we arent pvp oriented at all. The main reason is that very few guild ppl have the taste (nor the experience) for pvp. We are mostly "pure" tramelites as those red guys used to name us. And it s all clear and true that running into pvper's with our pvm chars arent a good idea... This being said some of us do go on Fel side for a few hunts. It s usually "quiet" times in term of "reds" attendance and we may have some fun doing champ spawns mainly in the Lost Lands... Since we allied with "W" guild we recently did a couple of champs/harrower with them. They p
  4. first of all we had a technical issue there. depending where you were placed you could read what govs say. In the context i think we didnt have really good ideas apart from buff issue. We still dont know how govs could be (if they ever be) implied deeper in the global events... and the king just acknowledged what was said without giving any info about the possible evolution of the gov function... That was part of the disappointment to me... hope we get more info at next meeting...
  5. We have made this who's who on the private section of the forum. Guess it could be a good idea to redo it here as well... My chars in Raa are : Lien Ragus, guild leader and mutilcrafter, Maitre Hendemeur, multicrafter Gilgame'sh, imbuer Nicolas Flamel, alchemist RaaM : Yeuse, guild leader, full bard Raelle, old style warrior Perry Ragus, mage/mystic Black Widow, archeress Ixandriele, ***changing*** SRGT : Scribouillard, mage/tamer Galadriele, ba
  6. Always a pleasure to have a few pics here and then. The very first meeting for that type was a bit disappointing but let's hope it will improve with time. =)
  7. We are pleased to welcome Limerick within the growing family. He already has different alias that , i m sure, you ll meet here and then.. Please warmly welcome him among us... Thanks, Yeuse / Miruna
  8. We decided for a change to clean the deep seas around Jelhom this sunday. 3 of our mighty Captains set their ships and prepared them for heavy fight. Captain Miruna led the first fight : a few well placed grapeshots led the pirat ship to wreckage in no time... her crew didnt suffer any casualties. Captain Perry took next turn : his orc ship bravely faced a fierced and mercyless crew but once again the pirat was caught fast... the good surprise was an nearly intact ship after the fight... Captain Limerick, a new comer within the guild, led the last round. Half of previous crew did leave for
  9. I m very glad to welcome Nestro in the family.... He started again as a mage/tamer/weaver... Please warmly welcome him when you meet him ! =) good we have a new bait for our hunts.... Yeuse / Miruna
  10. We are please to welcome 2 new ppl within RaaM. First is Nairab, a hunting avatar of Barian. Barian already joined the alliance a few weeks ago. We ll let him talk of his char soon here... Second is Marie Yevoupas aka Didier Nourjo. Both chars were formerly from PWAL guild. Marie often plays at weird times (more or less us though ) We d like to warmy welcome them both in the family... Yeuse / Miruna
  11. We also have the great pleasure to welcome 2 new ppl in the family. Anniso and Aeneas joined yesterday RaaM. They are both mages in (hard) training and are a couple in real life We hope them to find good help and support within the guild... Warm welcome again to them... Miruna / Yeuse
  12. I d like to warmly welcome Uniflame in the family !! Uniflame is a young scribe mage returning after a while. She soon should run a scribe vendor at the shop... W E L C O M E again Uniflame
  13. I am pleased to announce that we have started a couple of weeks ago a new activity. Crafters are sitting at Britain West bank every evening from 7 to 8 P;M CET. We are offering help in many different ways : Free repairs Free food Advice and chat on the game Crafting of items of any type Imbuing service. From the beginning we know up days and down days but overall it seems that people start to know about our presence. We hope that will could help to revive Britain as well... so dont hesitate to come to us even for just a brief hello or a longer chat if nothing else... A big thanks t
  14. I m very glad to welcome 2 new recruits, Lady Moira, who often hunted with us in the past, finally joined RaaM on April the 2nd. She also made us the pleasure to join RAA with her crafter : Parr Fiorano. Still in Raa Lady Ireland (known as Morgana) joined last week and is every evening at Britain Public Service with Lien. A very warm welcome to both of them.
  15. I m please to welcome Atlas aka Drago. He joined us for a few hunts lately and decided to become part of the family. Please welcome him warmly !! Thanks
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