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  1. If you want to buy multiple King's Collection Theme Pack codes but all of your UO accounts are tied to one Origin master account (therefore allowing the purchase of only one code), there is a workaround. Visit the Origin store completely logged out of all accounts. Walk through the purchase of the code, and then - using a different email address than the one on your existing Origin master account - complete the purchase as a New Customer. (You'll see the New Customer option beneath the option to log into your existing account on the Checkout page). You can still only buy one code per transa
  2. I'll never leave UO, but I am a backer of SOTA with high hopes that I might actually play it.
  3. I prefer Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. It has the options you described.
  4. Nevermind - I think I found my answer. I clicked the house placement tool, and it said 6 hours - which is just after midnight tonight. So it must be clock time
  5. Hi all! Does anybody know if the 7-day house placement timer is based on clock time or server-up time? For example, at 6 minutes after midnight tonight, it will be exactly 7 days since I placed this house. Can I accept another house in trade at 12:07am, or does 7 days really mean after the next server-up (so, after server-up tomorrow?) Thanks!
  6. Markee Dragon has a new interview up with Garriot re: SoTA: [video=youtube;HAk0Fq6fuZA]
  7. Hail, Noma! I've sent you a PM. Thanks! Wow - I can't believe you actually saw this!
  8. I feel like I would play both. SOTA looks more like a solo game but with an ad-hoc persistent world based on your own friends list but not on the global world (so not an MMO).
  9. Hi Merion - Aye, for a few days now, it looks like updating my video card drivers did the trick. Now if I could get rid of this vanishing-tooltips bug to go away.... where items no longer pop up their properties when I mouse over them or click on them. No idea why so many odd things are happening lately!
  10. LOL I know, right?! I totally wish I had even $500 to throw at it to guarantee a house spot But I did manage to scrounge up a few pennies to back it. I loved the hand-written story of Lord British, Mondain the wizard, and Sosaria that LB showed from his high school creative writing class.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm looking for the owner of the house just south of the Daemon Temple entrance on Fire Isle/Atlantic. If anybody knows how I can reach him/her, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Kit
  12. Hmmm temperature - it's a desktop machine. Will have to look into a utility for that or see if my bios reports it in settings. I would think, though, if it was a temperature issue, it wouldn't be so selective about what was affected (ie. it would slow the entire machine down and not just the motion aspect of the game. Even UO's windows and properties pop ups and everything else work at full speed even while slow-mo is happening. It's just the mobiles on screen that move slowly - and nothing is visually affected. Graphics are still crisp etc).
  13. I would blame it on my computer, except that I've been playing on this same machine with EC and Pinco's for a couple years now with no problems. I don't do anything else on this computer - it just runs UO. (My main machines are macs).
  14. Hi everybody, I've run into something strange the past couple weeks - a randomly occurring "slow motion" bug. Basically, the entire visual and audio part of the game runs in slow motion. Not like lag - but a very smooth, slow version of everything. Footsteps happen in slow motion. Their sounds happen in slow motion. Everything that moves seems to glide over the screen, but very slowly. But it's all smooth - I don't know how else to describe it, but it's not the lag spikes (I get those, too... Atlantic is awesome). It's not choppy like lag at all. It's literally like slow motion gaming. I'
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