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  1. Hello everyone, I'm selling my 4 story Tram castle near the Yew Moongate. It has the most floor space out of any housing on the Atlantic shard! Regular castle floors and 2 31x31 floors to play with as you wish!!! Please check my post on Stratics for pictures and information. http://stratics.com/community/forums/uo-atlantic-trade.552/
  2. Not too picky on location, but obviously a nicer location will get more gold. ICQ: 647807732
  3. Selling a great 3 level starter house just two screens west of the trammel Yew moongate. Looking for 4 million. Please ICQ me at 647807732
  4. I am looking to buy an 18x18 in Fel on the same snowy island with the deceit dungeon. Please ICQ me at 647807732.
  5. -----SOLD----- Please contact me on ICQ at 647807732 if you are interested. (Non-Replica) Gladiators Collar - 125mil
  6. Please ICQ me at 647807732 if you have an 18x18 or a keep to sell. Nothing in the middle of nowhere please. Thank you, Suave
  7. Loving my new Sampire suit. Thanks a lot! I highly recommend ShadowHammer. A great, honest, and generous crafter. Thanks again, Johnny LeVene
  8. Not looking to skimp on price. I want a really nice set of Sampire armor. I just returned after a long time and all my old armor is gone. Please ICQ me: 647807732
  9. Buying all Messana event items. Please ICQ me at 647807732. Thank you.
  10. Looking to buy a 18x18 in Trammel. Looking at any locations. Please reply here with a pic and coords, or reach me on ICQ. ICQ # 647807732 Thank you, Suave
  11. Thanks for all the helpful replies guys! I think I will just keep chivalry and make my scribe a battle mage with mysticism. Thanks again!
  12. So I just returned to the game after 10 years off and the Sampire has really intrigued me. I would like to go Magery instead of maybe chivalry. Could I please get some thoughts about the pros and cons of this decision? And should I switch magery in for something else instead? Right now, my build is as follows: 100- Necromancy 100- Swords 100- Parry 100- Bushido 100- Tactics 100- Anatomy 100- Magery I know I'm losing enemy of one, but I love the utility of magery. Thanks ahead of time and I'm so glad to be back with this wonderful community. Suave
  13. So if an animal is bonded and I log out in my house, it will log out with me and not go wild? Thanks for the replies.
  14. I'm a returning player and still getting back into the game. I was wondering if you can stable a pet in your house? I have had two (unbonded) pack llamas staying in my house and they have been there for 4 days each time I log on. I fed them once 4 days ago and every time I log in with that character into my house, they continue to be tame. Did they change it so that pets in your house always remain tame? Am I able to use this as a stable? Thank you, Suave
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