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  1. As there doesn't seem to have been much interest, I'll knock this on the head. Perhaps it will be worth trying again in the depths of winter when the good weather has passed.
  2. The plan is still for this to go ahead on the 31st. I'll post some final details in the next week or so. For those who don't want to reactivate: as others have said, you can use a free account for a stroll down memory lane. I am sure someone can help you get some clothes or whatever if you want to try make your character look a bit authentic. Ideally I'd like to split the event into an IC half where people can roleplay old characters, because I think for many that will be half the fun - returning to an old story so to speak. The second half will be OOC, allowing for a good old chin wag an
  3. Yes, 31st of August is the proposed date. That isn't set in stone, but unless there is a compelling argument to change it, I'd suggest sticking with it. Be sure to spread the word, far and wind!
  4. If we can see in advance when the RtB event will be, that would make sense. However if we cannot get a month or two advanced warning of when that will happen, then it's probably not much use as it's going to take time for news of the event to spread around. I'd also hope most of the people we played with back in the day are able to spare a few dollars/pounds/euros for a stroll down memory lane! If not, they can use trials accounts with their chars name perhaps? And your surprise is not surprising.
  5. Here's a little proposal. If say we were to arrange for a one night reunion event on the 31st of August (date picked off the top of my head) how many people would show up, and how many people do you think you could bring back? This would just be an opportunity for old players to get together and relive the old days. Perhaps in a Tavern swapping tales over ales and perhaps even a battle royale for a chuckle. I should stress from my own point of view this is not intended as a return to UO, I just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone would bite. Thoughts?
  6. Shocking and deeply saddening news. I for one am grateful to have played alongside Alexander's player, who was one of the most resolute and constant members of the Guardsmen Militia in the last decade. I will reactivate to attend the memorial. My condolences to the family. - Klion
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