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  1. Chessy is not the busiest but we do have a good group of people here. Let me know if you choose Chessy!
  2. the auction house is in Malas somewhere, I always use a rune in the rune book at the guardian's gate auction house. Its a bag of ten. Nubby has already bid on it, he is the one that told me about it. Think he plans on donating them, hard to say for sure though, the way he talks.
  3. there is a bag of skulls at silent auction house for sale
  4. Welcome! The skill level in which you loose young status is by character, but once you hit that point your other characters will get a msg saying your young status will soon end, cant remember how long you get. I am mostly sure that Merion is correct on the upgrade. The new account will only work if you do not already have an account set up, which if you have a trail account you do. I have met many new players on trial accounts that bought the new account code and had to spend many hours argueing with customer service, most gave up and bought the upgrade. I think you can cancel the free s
  5. You have already done a great job and I know you will continue do so!
  6. Tuesdays nights and saturdays work for me
  7. Welcome! If you come to Chessy, let me know! We have many active roleplayers, even a pack of goblins! (Dont tell them they smell, they get mad) I had much the same happen to me long ago. I recieved a copy of the game from my grandfather and spent hours reading and rereading the manual as it installed, only to learn my computer was too old! I was finally able to get in years latter just prior to the Age of Shadows. I hope you enjoy your travels here!
  8. and if you have a container locked down you can still retrieve items by using the new retrieve option. Single click the item and select retrieve, leaving the container and the rest of the items locked down. I use this for my rune books. I keep them all locked down in boxes so anyone can use them but not take them.
  9. In the center of the Maze there is a good spawn of Demons and imps to fight. Not too bad of a place but if you are alone and not careful you can get swarmed. Think there is one other spot in the maze where one demon will spawn at a time, but cant remember where. And remember that demons and imps can work their way out of the maze! Found a demon near the banner once!
  10. also if anyone from the guild wants a copy of one of my rune books just bring me an empty rune book, 16 blank runes, and 16 mark scrolls!
  11. Dropped of some more petals, and some grapes, apples, and smoke bombs for those that need them. I also made 4 half filled rune books to give to new members, I kept a master copy so let me know if more is need or if new runes should be added.
  12. When I am moving houses I will move stuff into the moving crate by entering customize mode and filling the plot with walls. This moves everything into the crate and makes it easier to load into pack animals.
  13. Welcome! best advice I have for you when it comes to taming is to stick with it! It can be a long path but is also very rewarding. Here is the guide I used for training when I had a tamer. One thing I have found helpful to myself and others is to rename the animal before releasing it, this tells you and others that it has been tamed already. As you tame your animal lore will go up, mine went up a lot faster than taming did. 30 - 45: cows and sheep 45 - 60: Hinds and Timber wolves 60 - 75: Walrus and polar bears 75 - 85: snow lepards and panthers 85 - 100: great harts and white wolves.
  14. Welcome! I am sure you will have some good fun! Like for me in Nidaros if you ever come to chessy!
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