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  1. I'm still a bit shocked over the news myself, but I hope that there still are a few players that check the boards. Yesterday I have resieved a very sad message... Kal Shadowhand (RL James Carroll Gilbeaux) passed away unexpectedly on Thursday. And as sad as it is, He also leaves behind a 10 year old son, 16 year old stepdaughter, and his wife who was also a RP'er in our tiny community. He ran the green goblin in BoC territory and was the leader of The Silent Blades (TSB) Aidan Duncan is attempting to organize an IC memorial service for him and put his main character to rest somewhere in
  2. Ahh, the same old - The same old. The activity aint what it used to be. But we still cope and have some good laughs with the ones that stop by. If youre curious, I got a few accounts and can lend you one, incase youre curious..
  3. Draaaaaaaaaake! *Huggles* - And aye! The Swaggers still there! Good to see ya! (Rebecca here)
  4. Suggestion: Buy a mannequin! Takes like a second to change then! *lolz*
  5. Heeeee as the GM of VTC - I gave the veeties permission to use buffed / magic armor when we (or they) are training, bashin' merchantships or we are out on some crazy treasure hunt. When that is said, then I also believe it's important to mention that the veeties DO change back into RP-gear, as soon as we are back at the Swaggers (or before we enter another guilds base) cause you never know, when youre guild is getting attacked and let's be fair, not all RP'ers can afford magic armors with those insane prices on Europa!
  6. ...flies in and lands near Valdorl with a note attached to his leg. The parrot shoots a mean glare and takes a rather protective stand over the note, while he makes hissing sounds and snaps a few times, attempting to bite fingers. "Arr!... Fabienne! The crap-bucket is full! ... " "Arrr! I flie' from te Swaggers! Gimme sum crackers!... Arr! Ildrian smells!" Hi Hun, I have fed Garret before sendin' him off with the note for you - I sincerely hope, he aint snappin' out for youre fingers and if he do, I apologize! Bloodi bird gettin' grumpy on his ol' days.. I've been thinkin' a litt
  7. Dear Veeties, Firstly I hope my letter finds you well, secondly I feel its nessacery to inform you of the latest issues are we struggling with at Swaggers Inn and an idea how to approach it. Drow Troubles: As most of you already know, I have spend alot of time together with a drow named Valdorl Tyrr - and truth be told, I grown really fond of him and I care alot about him. Unfortunally, this friendship/relationship have pissed off House Hun'ett - Bigtime! The long storie short is, that Anna have resieved threatning letters from Faeryl Hun'ett, where Faeryl claims that Anna's son, b
  8. The 'gift' and the experience before the weekend still haunted Sioneds thoughts. A neatly wrapped gift that left her rather shocked and paranoide and even though, Valdorl had removed the head of the unfortunate drowmale, Sioned could still remember that empty look in the in red eyes, the halfopend dried lips and the blood, that was in the bowl the head came in. They had retreated to Valdorls hideout in the hope that no-one knew it's location. Valdorl had been watching over her, while Sioned sleept and when she finally awoke Valdorl was in his 'sleep' - and Sioned was sitting on the bed-ed
  9. Awright, I admit it - there is nothin' like a great rush! The whole heart beatin' faster, the chills that runs down the spine and the feelin' of victory once the creature twice of not larger youre size drop dead infront of youre feet! So thursday eve, I was havin' a drink at the Swaggers together with Anna, Van Jr., Larence and Palin that recently moved to Skara Brae. For some reason, the conversation took a turn and ended up on huge creatures we have seen or would like to see. I told Palin, about my fasination of Scalis - and then Palin told me about Corgul. Before I knew it, I had
  10. If you get approached by a RP'er that would like to join VTC - Do NOT add without a ICQ number. Members without ICQ numbers will be removed! - Sioned.
  11. Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it would be a good idea to tell friends and other curious people, that I wont be online during those dates above, as I am spending the holidays together with my sister Susanna, her hubby Ben and my nephew James in England. I wish ya all a merry christmas and hope you will enjoy yours, as much as I will with mine. =)
  12. Where: The Swaggers Inn, Vesper When: Friday 14 th. December At: 8pm - Uktime time / 21:00 CET The staff at the Swaggers Inn have found the christmas spirit and we would like once again, to invite our friends and - Even our enemies to a eve with homemade eggnog - and ofcourse the most important, the Christmas present game! Like previous years, all you have to do to take part in the game is to go out, spend a few silver doubloons on a present, wrap it up neatly and bring it along. Rules of the game: The Game will have two rounds. In the first round all the gifts are placed in t
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