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  1. do any of you have icq? i pmd you also
  2. I was wondering if there are any house designers around for hire? Or if someone can point me in the direction to find someone I have an 18x18 plot and I'm horrible at house designing
  3. yeah its pretty sad, happens all the time
  4. Does enhance potions increase duration of potions? I know it effects the percentage increase but how about time? Thanks
  5. wow thanks for this was trying to figure out how to 120 melee without golem you can go from 90 to 120 at painted caves with trogs?
  6. I recently just came back after a 6 month break due to real life stuff, I had a rented vendor in luna set to renew every month I had about 100 mil on him before I took the break I didn't cancel my account Now that I'm back the house is under different ownership and the vendor of course is gone, I'm guessing the money is gone and it won't help to call EA? I thought that if something did happen to the rented vendor, they would have sent my things to my bank, Anyone had this problem before?
  7. I had a vendor rental contract at a house in Luna, I took a couple weeks off from the game. Now when I went back to check the vendor, the owner must have canceled the contract, or I'm not to sure.. But the vendor is gone and I can't find the money that I had on him. It was around 200 mil, Is the money lost?
  8. so far its berserkers, rangers, conj, cincture and the glasses any advice on the pieces where I can't get special items? like leggings , arms, gloves? i can craft them but is it better with cloth or leather?
  9. anyone have any advice? want to try out a thrower which artifacts ? building it with cloth compared to leather is it possible to build a luck suit with gargs? thx
  10. thanks for the info ill see what i can do
  11. I have 44 percent mana leech 71 mana and 45 HCI but I can't keep up armor ignore it says it costs 30 mana but its much more than that now ?? it costs me 28 per hit with 30 LMC and 300 skills in swords/bush/parry im hitting around 140-150 can someone tell me what i need to change to be able to keep up AI
  12. yeah, i sent him a PM I'll post if he responds
  13. its just a normal bracelet? not one of the magical ones? Crafted Jewelry - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
  14. can someone help me out with crafting jewelry for a samp shown in the picture? I'm guessing the ring is from Turqouise ring and then imbued with the other properties you need? but how about the bracelet? what is the original bracelet used to then imbue properties?
  15. I'm not getting credit for killing the overseers and minions, anyone else having this problem? Its the last part of the quest called Unnatural Creations
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