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  1. I basically somewhat copied cheeseplant's design, but with more space. (thanks for the inspiration cheeseplant!) There's a windchime in the tree, for some reason the quality of these pictures sucks. There's a secret door to easily get to the basement area from the entrance (blue goza mat near it). By yomiguel at 2011-08-16 By yomiguel at 2011-08-16 By yomiguel at 2011-08-16
  2. I had the same problem Danny, this is what I did; 1) Install uoassist (trail version works fine, thats what I did). 2) Have uocartographer installed. 3) Start uoassist (it starts uo for you) as admin. (run as admin) 4) Log into the world. 5) Run uocartographer as admin. That should work. Woops, didn't see second page.
  3. Got one, thanks akasha!
  4. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should go kill? I got the two rat guys in the abyss on farm. Vivati and the one with wolves around him. (the wolves that drop reflective eyes) I tried some undead one, but before I could get him to come out the skeletal liches were destroying me, so I gave up.
  5. Wow sekigahara, those houses are amazing!
  6. My guild mate showed me around the stygian abyss for awhile. We did both those rat guys, was pretty fun! I came back later that night before bed to see if I could solo it. (we had double sampire'd it up earlier) Worked out great, never got below 70% hp. I just tried the first one though. I have gotten my anatomy to 80, and working on the last 20 points of chiv today. I do notice the dmg increase, and hardly notice the loss of spirit speak- glad I picked it up thanks McNuge!
  7. Thank you very much for the reply mcnuge, you bring up a good point about the anatomy. I think I will drop ss and pick up anatomy and boost my chiv like you said. Good idea. I will talk with the person that imbues my stuff to see what kinda mats I need to farm up for them to tweek my armor around to hit 45% hci and hci.
  8. I tried killing titans/cyclops without a shield on. It seemed I was parrying much more then before, so thank you for the advice. I just purchased a conjurer's trinket as well. (will edit original post to reflect this)
  9. damn... dumping the shield will lose me dmg increase 10% and reflect physical dmg 10% and 19/1/6/54 resists fml
  10. Hello, I just started playing again after 6 years. After doing a bit of research I decided to use a "sampire" template on my new account. Currently I have... Bushido: 100 (I ate a scroll that lets it go to 120) Chivalry: 60 Necromancy: 100 Parrying: 120 Spirit Speak: 100 Swordsmanship: 120 Tactics: 100 (only 700 skill cap, on this account) My gear setup gives me the following stats; Resists.. Physical:70 Fire: 70 (in vamp form as well) Cold: 70 Poison: 69 Energy: 71 Hit chance increase: 3 Defense chance increase: 63 DAMAGE INCREASE: 89 Lower mana cost: 30 Spell damage increase:3 Hi
  11. sad to see you go, thanks for the sampire guide
  12. hi Mithrandolir, I just started again after like a 5-6 year absence. I've been playing for like 1-2 weeks? Here at pacific, there was a good amount of house space avialible. Someone was kind enough to show me a spot and mark a rune for me. Enough to place 1-2 18x18's np.
  13. Yeah, I'll def pm you when I make my character and whatnot. I'm waiting till after finals this week (got 2 more days). I've done a little reading around and it looks like buying gold/items is not frowned upon anymore - so I might make a few purchases here and there when I come over. Think I'll give myself like a 30 dollar limit lol.
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