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  1. You can do some stealing without going gray. There is a check to be noticed when stealing. If you aren't noticed, you don't go gray and you can't be guard whacked. But thieves can't steal heavy stuff without a high risk of failing and/or being noticed and they cant steal things over 12 stones.
  2. This is correct. However, there are a lot of problems with the OP. The OP appears to be confusing looting with stealing. Which does he mean? They have very different rules. In fact, the latest Evil Lord SMuRFY adventure involved a LOT of in town pvp thievery and rarely going gray. http://onlinegametales.com/wp/episode-guide/episode-34-some-days
  3. Episode 34 – Some Days… Some days the facet of Felucca contains slim pickings for a thief. And on other days, it’s just good to be King. It was just one of those days... http://onlinegametales.com/wp/episode-guide/episode-34-some-days
  4. Scammers engage in very different activities and operate by a very different set of ethics and rules. I abide by a code as I learned it and contributed to it many years ago. Of course, there are those who disagree with the thieves code, ethics, play style and even their existence. Those that hate thieves engage in far less fair or ethical behavior in terms of Sosaria. They lobby for the destruction of the oldest and most humor oriented of classes and play styles with no real ability to be countered. Always remember. They took more from the thief than the thief can possibly take from th
  5. Of course, all things belong to a thief. The thief is merely retrieving property that was his to begin with.
  6. any potential pity a thief might feel goes right out the window when this kind of thing happens. Their lies pile up quickly.
  7. The guys who lost stuff flipped out claiming they lost ten times as much and people on Chesapeake offered to replace anything lost. Nice people are out there but the lying marks are almost always eager to exaggerate any losses at the expense of good Samaritans.
  8. The odd thing is, this stuff is happening more and more these days. Half the time I'm in utter shock as I see people doing this publicly. Gone are the days of the cautious and savvy adventurers. Here are the days of the easy mark.
  9. I still believe the don't drop anything line is probably one of the best I've heard in years.
  10. Episode 33 – Whatever You Do, Don’t Drop Anything There is a lesson that everyone can learn every day. People don’t always learn those lessons. Many go mad rather than learn. Others shout their lessons from the tops of the tallest buildings, or the top floor of banks in some cases… http://onlinegametales.com/wp/episode-guide/episode-33-whatever-you-do-dont-drop-anything
  11. Episode 32 – A Mythical Beast Sighted! Sosaria is an odd place. It’s not unusual to encounter Magic, Unicorns, Dragons and other elements of myth and legends from a time long ago. However, it does have its own myths and legends. It seems as time passes, certain creatures are disappearing and sited less frequently as ages pass. Today I sighted a mythical creature that many people claimed was extinct! Oddly enough, the beast didn’t seem to think he was all that unusual. I ask my citizens to judge for themselves whether I exaggerate the rarity of this elusive mythical beast. Ep
  12. This is a pretty interesting sneak peek. I hope mesanna gives us more info.
  13. Didn't L*D prove that PvP has gotten stale and there has been no serious competition on the east coast for like 3 years?
  14. Thank you! I have some free time again so we might see some new episodes coming out.
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