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  1. isnt paprika a movie? *remembers watching it last week...* its quite random but good. Out of what ive been watching lately i'ld have to say Darker than black is the best... Samari 7 was looking good but i havent been going to anime on wednesdays so i dunno how good it is. Chrono Crusade was an awesome anime, as was black blood brothers umm i'll try to remember a few others. If you wanna know about then i'ld say just search on wiki for them.
  2. i missed all the horrible windy weather last week... made me laugh... wonderful timeing for our fieldtrip to tenerife ^.^
  3. thats crule... and those look like cider bottles
  4. i like my standard responce "excuse me, what is your name and your companys name again? your aware you shouldnt have this number as it is black listed arnt you?" it makes them hang up aweful quickly ^.^ (black listed for you americans is when the number isnt in the phone directory nor should be on any telemarketers lists)
  5. Gala


    i may just be a student but... o.0 what a waste of good vodka
  6. ^.^ yay for you! and you have a deathnote avatar! amazing ^.^ oo i needa try and find the rest of the series dont i... we ran out of anime showings at episode 23...
  7. o.0 maybe thats why mum gets bitten so much, she loves bananas
  8. >.> <.< they missed off the 7/7 bombings but anyway... to be fair they should search a selection of everyone who goes through the airport...
  9. aweee pretttty tiger! in that last pic he look so happy ^.^
  10. Gala


    hence the reason why i have black fingernails... i have a pair of flip flops and i like to match
  11. i wasnt grouping it to be just the 60's... hence the 60's etc... the 60's just stuck in my mind for some reason... *wanders off to edit it* anyway back to my point, personally my mum stopped me from doing so much that she had done because it 'wasnt safe'... she didnt let me learn to ride a bike, or play out in the road, or half a doesen other things that i coulda done so *shrug* some parents are different but meh
  12. you see the problem with this is, all those kids who grew up in the 30's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's are now the parents who sue/have the cable/computers/buy vidio games for their children etc... if they let their children be children then things might actually be ok!
  13. Gala


    i despise open toe sandles...
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