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  1. callumf

    UO... my best bits.

    Fargo update this please
  2. It still earns money ergo it will keep functioning and running until it doesn't I guess. The young folk keep telling me that X game is dead and Y game is dead [Neverwinter and Star Wars The Old Republic] both of which have many many more active players than Ultima Online.
  3. Good luck Esca - this was always the best idea. tbh I would just have one forum and tag posts [iC] or {OOC]. The days of rpers moaning about ooc posts etc are long gone.
  4. UO is virtually empty other than for EM Events and on some more populated shards such as Atlantic. To compete properly at PvP I think you will need to work very hard and need to get the top gear
  5. Blimey! =) A new player in UO. Stratics is a useful place to go for advice as well as here, Petra is very helpful here. UOguide.com could be worthwhile.
  6. Very unlikely to see many of the old school players - sadly. But good to see people return. I am out of commission from UO these days myself
  7. SO sorry to hear this. No words can express the sadness. Just try and keep as happy as you all can.
  8. Try Neverwinter - its actually growing on me.
  9. Just saying I have been playing Neverwinter a bit recently. Not enough to really recommend it, but it does have a nice way with it. The combat is quite crisp and I imagine pvp is fairly intense. Crafting is a little slow and odd at first, but if you are used to SWTOR its similar[ish] to that. The graphics are pretty and so is the scenery. In the wilds there are maybe slightly too many MOBs but that's fun. There are lots of little competitions and mini-events happening in game along with Heroic Encounters which can be fun as well. So far I havent seen anything to really spend real life money on
  10. Wow. Lovely story. Although I was on Europa I so get what this means to you guys. I came across an old Guildie from 2003 times myself a couple of weeks back.
  11. callumf

    UO... my best bits.

    Can you please tell us more Fargo?
  12. 1. I have no idea what my old user name an password is so I will have to create a new account. Do I have to buy all the expansion or do I get them if I sub? Try the 14 day FREE trial here: http://uo.com/client-download/ 2. Is the game overall the same? I would like to make a sneaky bard type character. I remember have provocation music stealth hiding (another bard ability) stealing (maybe it was pick pocket I cant remember) Kind of but wiht lots and lots of tweaks. 3. What server should I play on? I'm Central time USA! Most popular server seems to be Atlantic so
  13. I saw your post on Stratics so thought I might find you here. From what I can tell there is no-one left from SCT actively playing UO. Vesper has activity and Escaflowne is around. I doubt I would return to UO until my smallest children are grown up [thats real life children].
  14. Pure vanilla warrior is the best way to learn to play UO surely and the easiest way to start money wise? Simple stand still and take the damage and dish it out. It worked for me for years. Fighting earth elementals and golems and stuff. Covetous and the Harpies. Happy times.
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