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  1. When Krashag eventually managed to free himself from the cave in, the world had changed again. A quick visit to the massive orc tunnels in the Snake Mountains turned into a very long and arduous affair of calculated killings, feasting on limited kinsmen flesh, and endless digging. The sight at the Severed Heads Fort was even more bewildering – instead of returning to his beloved clan, which Krashag dreamed to find dominant and flourishing, he came back to… nothing. The outposts, the buildings and even the clansmen themselves were gone. A few days later, Krashag was already dragging back one
  2. Why was it a failure? Perhaps it's in the nature of Orcs to come back in waves, in droves. And maybe it's time for another Horde to sweep through?
  3. Back in "the old day," when Orc was the largest guild on the shard, it used to have the tradition of a monthly Bloodmoon, a day of uncontained violence when the Horde and it's allies would tear through the land until finally stopped by resistance. Obviously, the Horde as it is now couldn't tear through a wet paper tissue, but perhaps the Bloodmoon could serve a different purpose. Many of us are too busy to play day in day out, and there's too little population to maintain constant guild activity, but perhaps we could make the effort to attend a weekly gathering? The Bloodmoon would essentia
  4. Rugdush and Krashag grinned at each other as the young orcs set down their heavy bags at Stonekeep Crossroads. They knew that at this early time of day, nobody would be watching in the Keep -- the Guardsmen Militia, drunk on power after decades of unchallenged domination in Yew, wouldn't even dare to imagine what was to come. Both orcs had been coming closer and closer to Stonekeep every day, their courage and confidence building with every successful venture. Now, finally, they would make their biggest mark yet - a shrine to the Bloodgod right on the very doorsteps of their oppressors!
  5. Krashag was excited and frightened at the same time. Deliver a message to the humans in Stonekeep, the shaman said; in other words, bring them a head of one of their own as warning. It sounded almost like a suicide run. Krashag didn't particularly like Stonekeep, either -- you never knew when you could run into one of those oversized armoured ones. But on the other hand, this was another chance to prove himself to the Clan. It was easier to go on this dreaded task with Rugdush, another lil'wun who had proven a worthy companion a few times already. They had some experience doing daring littl
  6. The sun had set and the chaotic buzz of the Fort was settling down as well. The larger orcs were gathered around the main fire while the younger ones had made one of their own at the farside. Much drinking and boasting ensued at each campfire, with the little ones doing their best not to be outdone by their more respected clanmates. One younger orc in particular, Krashag, while by far not the largest of the group, had taken the floor to recount his exploits: "Agh den Krashag and diz uder lil'wun, me taik im tu shuw im da roupz, gruk? Uz gu in den Furt agh challandzh eni uruki tu kam agh klom
  7. Appearance: Krashag is neither particularly tall nor muscular -- for an orc, anyway. Due to his apparent young age, his skin and features are still relatively smooth and scarless -- again, in orcish standards. From the perspective of an average peasant, Krashag would seem quite large, quite ugly and quite mean. Personality: Very possesive as a result of being constantly robbed by the stronger orcs in his youth; Fiercely loyal to the Severed Heads in general and Harbag in particular for rescuing him from the low life of the shardees; Headstrong and prone to posturing in order to conceal both
  8. Joined Date: 27th March 2011 Current Rank: Lil'wun Total Tribe Respect Earned: 23 Available Tribe Respect: 23 Tribe Achivements: Your Orc Profile +2 Tribe Respect Replenish the wood supplies +4 Tribe Respect Hart ob da Tark +3 Tribe Respect DA GRAIT KLOMP! +3 Tribe Respect Shrine tu deh Bluudgud!!! +2 Tribe Respect Delibur da Mesuj +3 Tribe Respect Lil'wuns Misshun tu Shayme +6 Tribe Respect Tribe Respect Spent: None
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