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  1. Hehe. Good point. Found a few good locations. I think I'll stick with the one just outside Umbra for now. It's right outside the road.
  2. No damage, no flooding yet as far as I can see.
  3. Well, it kept loading and loading and loading until i was asked if I wanted to "kill" the page. Before that, I typed a single letter in the search box and all a sudden the text was in some Asian language and it froze up. This lasted for a few days. EDIT: Now it won't even go to the google webpage....
  4. OH SNAP! That's how much it cost for a floppy drive??? Wonder how much the system cost...
  5. Uh.... well lots of non-MMOs come out simultaneously on PC and Xbox 360 and PS3 these days. So that's why I'm asking. Too bad I play MMOs mostly. :* (
  6. Wouldn't a table mic pick up feedback from the speakers? Uh.. just wondering. Anyhow, my headset kinda looks like Snugg's but it's from Logitech. Is there a way you could wear the headset around your neck instead of head? You might still be able to hear what's going on without squishing your noggin. Oh wait, you said you had hearing loss. I guess there would be too much background noise this way... I'm out of ideas. I used to have a headset with just one earphone on it. The other side was just a piece of plastic that hung over my ear to keep it on my head. It was comfortable and I"m pr
  7. It's acting weird, man. Atleast for Google Chrome...................
  8. 8:45PM. Some rain falling as I watch "Full Metal Alchemist" on Netflix. (I haven't played with this service for months...) I know... I don't play UO but I DO have Netflix... *sighs* EDIT: I do believe I hear crickets! That's interesting. I was worried because I had two windows in my bedroom and I was worried about glass breaking. I'm on the second floor. I have three rooms I use at my mother's house.. various junk everywhere. So far the two coolest rooms I've seen are in "The Animal" with Rob Schnieder (he lived in the garage and an entire wall was the garage door!) and Jim Carrey
  9. So who still has power/ status updates? I live in Bucks County, a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. It's five PM and nothing.
  10. OH! Debt-Ceiling! I was hearing it wrong on the radio.
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