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  1. Hi Callum. I tried BDO recently and was ultimately very disappointed with it for all sorts of reasons. Am pondering trying ESO or even going back to LOTRO for the want of anything better. Must admit not looked at Neverwinter...
  2. Well deduced ! Yes I thought no one would be active. Have been in Decardo and Cherrys guild in LOTRO for many years, they are still there but fair to say feeling a bit jaded about that game. Might well download the game once more and take a look around and see how it feels. If Vesper has some activity thats a start...
  3. ....I am giving thought to dipping my toe back into the world of UO. Don't know if any old Courtiers ever pass by here , but if you do any one considering the same ?
  4. Hi Markus, I saw your greeting but couldnt figure out how to work guild chat ! Tabbitha, thats a begger happily my main account works fine and I thought I had recalled the second account details so maybe it is the problem of the account migration rather than my brain.
  5. ...but still can't bring myself to do it. Not sure anyone will read this but if so - how is the game ? How is the RP ? Am in LOTRO with Decardo and Cherry and really enjoy the game but the RP is limited and frustrating. Plus I cant recall what my account name and password is for my second account and dont use my old email addy now so is there any way I can find out from EA ?
  6. Hmm that new LOTRO Kin has peaked my interest, my two UO accounts are still active I think. I really need to either close them down or use them but just can't bring myself to press the cancel button. :'(
  7. Yup Ridaran's the one - only at level 40 at the moment. Just logged on a couple of times getting used to the game again and getting myself orientated so far.
  8. Cool, Have seen that site and thought I might have spotted a post or two by your goodself. I transferred my elf to Laurelin yesterday so hopefully will soon get a bit of time to get back into the game and say hello to the Silver Blades.
  9. Dec whats the name of the kin your are in over there ? Do they accept new members ?
  10. That sounds not bad at all really. Its a shame that other games don't have those little things that UO has but a bit of RP and immersion to break the grind is just what the Doctor ordered.
  11. But where is his kilt ? Actually have just reactivated my LOTRO account and am fancying some RP so may well transfer my character over to Laurelin. Is the RP community over there pretty active Dec ?
  12. Have bought this game as it looks enjoyably different but all my times taken up with LOTRO at present. Hope they sort themselves out but agree with Cal just too many games out there right now bound to be casualties.
  13. All these boat ideas are great - But surely the first thing would be for them to somehow fix after all these years the ridiculous jerky movement and daft "moonwalking" on deck as you travel...
  14. Have made a new character for Snowbourn and would love to group up with all you guys there. Will look to bounce him up to a decent level as quick as possible. His name is Ridaran and is of an elvish persuasion.
  15. There are alot of rp guilds of one shade or another on Laurelin as Raul says - take a look at the guild listing thread on the main LOTRO-europe site for that server. Looking at the equivalent list on Snowbourn doesnt look half as good. My instinct is to follow where most of the folk I know have gone but would also equally suggest they check out Laurelin before their characters get too far advanced.
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