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  1. I just started as ninja...they start with stealth...if you click on ninja, then go to customize, it stays in your list. Thank you for the reply.
  2. My apologies, I should have been more specific. I will be using him mainly for artifact collecting...and I cannot find stealth on the starting skills list. Is there a quest to get it ingame?
  3. I am planning on starting a thief and was wondering if someone could help me with an updated template, the only stuff i can find is dated...Sorry if I am doubling an old thread, I couldn't find any relevant to what I need.
  4. Anyone else having connection problems? When i put in my password i am getting a "Connection Lost" message.
  5. Actually, according to UO stratics, even harpies are excluded from the Bird Slayer attribute. The one useful piece of info i was able to find. I am doing Archer/Spellweaving for PvM. I am not PvP at all. I think I am gonna go with Totem of the Void.
  6. I just hafta say that if it wasn't for people like sablestorm, i would have never gotten as far as i have in relearning uo. I was away for over 12 yrs, and while i am sure i have a lot more to learn...players help (sablestorm included) has been invaluable in reintegrating myself into the world...Thanks to you all who help out us lil newbs :}
  7. Ok, everyone has been helpful before, let's see if it holds up. Everyone is telling me that as an archer, I should use a Bird Slayer Talisman...can anyone explain why? Before i spend 350k on it, i wanna know why its so good. They also said something about talisman of the void...what should i use?
  8. Ok. I find myself with an open character slot...I want to make a PvM/Moneymaker. I cannot find any current information. Can anyone tell me the best race/skills combo for me?
  9. Any imbuers on pacific wanna make a bit of cash? I need a good mage PvM suit. ICQ me with prices, or just respond here. 602-414-945
  10. I am looking for a player i used to play with all the time. His name was Dreadnought, and he used to play on catskills shard...12 yrs ago. If you are dreadnought, or know him...drop me a line on ICQ 602-414-945...
  11. well, hehe, I actually had turned that on earlier, before the problem, so i was confident it would work...unfortunately, it didnt Thanks for trying though
  12. Thanks, i think i know where to look.
  13. Thanks for your reply, but what is UAC?
  14. Is there any fix for problems with vista? I am getting a message after hitting ok on the patch screen that says UO AUTOPATCH MFC Application has stopped working. I just bought stygian abyss online, and havent even gotten to try it
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