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  1. Yeah I've already done everything in that thread and nothing has helped Im thinking I may just duel boot my Pc if need be and put XP back on it.
  2. I have been advised to keep a journal by admiral Calis as it can help the mind loosen up on long ventures at sea, he said it's best to get into the that habit so here I am. I had Joined the Navy. Throughout my travels learning things about an art I though I had perfected, Magik, I never thought I would Join a Navy but after an unfortunate encounter with and Ogre Lord of the frosty temperament I bumped into someone calling themselves Calis. Later to be told he was the admiral of the Moonglow navy but this wasn't for a while. I had managed to make my way to Moonglow and found my self in a
  3. Ok iv looked round the forums and googled this but lets see if anyone else has any ideas. I am trying to use the Enhanced client (UOSA) and it get to login screen yet when i put in the correct credentials it just sits there but my username appears at the top left of the screen as if i have logged in. I have set everything to Administrator and compatibility xp sp3 as im running windows 7 64bit, but still i can't log in. No ports are blocked by my computer, router or my ISP so im at a loss of how to connect. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.
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