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  1. Im playing too much SWTOR at the moment, and thinking of D3 too bt not sure yet. I may return one day too, as Harbag or another chr. Not anytime soon though, as my time revolves around GMing a SWTOR guild atm, but the activity in SWTOR is soo up and down, its almost a constant recruitment issue. But if things settle down soon, and I hope they do, I may consider a return to UO as well. How are the lands these days ? WAAAAAAAGGHH!!! P.S. Sorry to highjack ur return post Van
  2. Yep it seems everything is working now fine. I hope it lasts now though Am managing to play SWTOR with the GTX550 Ti on high settings with no lag or problems whatsoever. Thanks for your help, took me a little while but I got there in the end. They wanted £40 in the shop to do that and install windows...
  3. I chose Bloodlust for some unknown reason but am loving it so far First character is a Sith Maurauder...
  4. I managed to get into BIOS (Ive done it before on other systems so its not totally new to me) but I couldnt find any options for removing my on board video card. All it said under Video Options was - Enable/Disable on-board multi-monitor video or something and it was already disabled. I am still plugged into the pc and not the video card so not too sure where it is in BIOS (if that was it or not) Daz
  5. More thank helpful, thanks again! I hate being such a hardware noob, but Im getting theres slowly
  6. I gave it another go this morning and it seems to be working now. I opened the case up again and connected the power cord pins from the card to one of the dangling wires from the supply. It was a bit of a guess but I think I got the right one It then found my hardware and installed the drivers and asked me to reset. When I did so the screen disappeared with windows launching. I plugged the monitor back into pc where it was before instead of directly into my video card and it worked again. I thought it had to be plugged into the video card itself ? Im thinking maybe I have to uninstall the o
  7. Thanks alot for your advice and clarifying what I have to do to install the card properly. I will give it another go tomorrow with the power hookup and hopefully it will work
  8. I got the new i3 and it works a treat with 8gb RAM. Seperately I got the nVidea GeForce GTX 550Ti. However, I cant get it to work due to my terrible harware knowledge and skills. I opened the machine case and slotted the card into the slot, but the flip-over screw cover wouldnt fit 100% although I managed to close the case. The computer couldnt find any new hardware though. I was told I needed a 6 pin PCI-E power plug from your power supply plugged into it directly. Im not sure what or how to do this. I have the lead with 6 pins one end and two seperate 4pin plugs the other end. I connect
  9. Id like to get my new pc tomorrow and will probrably spend the whole day looking around for it, as Ive been working late all week. Salivern Diago or anyone else, what do you think about the above option ? Ie getting the i3 and a good video card (Im thinking Nvidea Geforce GTX560 or Ati Radeon HD 6870) ? That would be well within my budget and maybe a bit left over for some other upgrades too ? Thanks
  10. Im still looking around for a pc. Thanks for all the help and advice, although now Im armed with a little more knowledge Im still undecided. I had a look at the cheap new PCs at PCWorld now, and was thinking what about getting a i3 or something with 4mb RAM and a normal(!!!!) graphics card. Then buy a new or 2nd hand Video card like the nVidia GTX 560 for getting the most out of the SWTOR game. Currently at PCWorld is a i3 for £400 with monitor and everything: Lenovo H420 Desktop PC Processor Intel i3-2120 (3.3GHz,3MB cache) Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit RAM 4GB, DDR
  11. Thankyou so much for your advice the both of you.Best that I asked first then hehe So with regards to SWTOR the first pc is a no no then. What about the second ? Basically I was thinking I wanted to pay £400-£500 for a decent machine to play SWTOR with, and saw those two machines. As I sais my hardware knowledge is non so I thought they would be decent enough to play it on. Maybe with my budegt I should be able to find a better one then, new or second hand. Any ideas on what I could get for that budget if not the two I mentioned ? Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it
  12. Ive had this old computer for ages and ages, and now it's finally time to upgrade it. I know enough about software but when it comes to hardware Im a bit of a noob, in fact Im a total noob! I would like to play SWTOR on high settings but I dont think my budget will go that far. Ive decided to get a 2nd hand Gaming PC and have narrowed it down to two, my preference and a backup in case the first goes. Im planning on buying it in a couple of nights but before I do I would really appreciate any opinion or advice from you guys 'n gals. As I said my knowledge of hardware is severly lacking.
  13. Have those of you that are gonna be playing SWTOR chosen which server you are gonna be playing on yet ? Have you decided on a guild yet, or a a bunch of you and some friends just gonna play together ? Im gonna be diving into the game myself at the end of the week and Im wondering what the rest of you here on UOForums are planning on doing ? It would be great to play with some of you if possible
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