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  1. *Posters placarded in the towns of Britannia*
  2. *A little note is on the table of the main room at the Stronghold of New Haven* I must to report that yesterday, at the beginning of the night, we saw -me and one of the Recruit- alot of Covians near the bank of New Haven. They said they was here for help the people. Indeed, they was distributibuing food to the people. I spoke a little with a Covian officer and with some Covian soldiers. They said they want to protect New Haven people against the "warmonger and bloodthirsty Yewian" -or something like that-. Fortunatly, no Yewian came and there was no trouble. *Signed* Turcop
  3. *Poster placarded in the towns of Britania*
  4. [OOC] Thanks alot for that great event. It was really funny .
  5. *In the calm of the afternoon, at the stronghold of New Haven, Bevier is writting a complete report of the yesterday task : find a correct accomodation for the Bretheren in New Haven.* Report : find accomodation in New Haven After the meeting day at Belvoir, I woke up at Dawn and begin my travels in New Haven. As allways, the town and it's around was in bad state of dirtiness but all was quiet. Since I was waiting for the other, I helped a little some citizens in their task. A peacefull work, consisting of hold some ore to the blacksmith or guide travellers to a craftsman.
  6. *Poster placarded in the towns of Britania*
  7. *Posters placarded in the towns of Britannia*
  8. Thanks to you also, Edmund . LB is one of the first guild with we was interacting and, then, one of the guild that they helped us to enter in the RP community. And we have gratitude for that .
  9. A warm thanks to you Rapid Bogling for that post ! I'm really happy to see that people know us, our guild and our project. We enjoy alot to play with the other RP people in Europa and we hope that this will continue, maybe for 2 others year's *hope* ! Well thanks again for that post and thanks also to all the RP people of Europa for these 2 good years . Merci à tout le monde !
  10. *Poster placarded in many place of Britannia*
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