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  1. lol! It looks awesome in 2d and thats all that matters! UO will always be 2d to me And anything with a bearmask rules!
  2. So anyone still lurking around and reading these forums?
  3. Here is a portrait my old friend Tokot drew of Escaflowne with battlecat by his side when i returned to UO 4 years ago or so and created the Hand of Chaos. Brilliant artwork but turn't out a little bit feminine Its meant to be a robe not a dress, but still amazing none the less.
  4. I already sent out a mass ICQ to most of you remaining in the community explaining the wish for this new RoE created by Anna, Devante and myself. We've had some positive and negative criticism combined and talked through it with alot of you; but we've not had anyone outright against it. We believe that, whilst we all prefer the use of GM equipment and such ourselves; there just simply isn't that audience to appeal to anymore outside the current RP community. Times have changed and in this current climate of UO, these restricted rules are just not productive for the future of the RP communit
  5. Yeah i spent a good hour pondering that thought to be honest. But the OCD in me got the better of me lol. Didn't want the IC and OOC stuff touching eachother, keeping it neat and tidy in 2 seperate places. Its only 3 boards in one forum rather than 20 different guild boards so it should be alright for now hehe
  6. The idea of the man, the myth, the legend Devante Stirling himself. Instead of having lots of different guild forums; to have a centralised forum for the whole community to use consisting of IC board, OOC Board and Information board for info posts on all guilds etc. Instead of having new IC and OOC boards created we have just had the Europa General board and the fireside table moved into this forum and renamed . Hopefully we can get folks using the forums again
  7. Wow that is really unexpected. I spoke with Kal many times and he was always friendly and a top bloke. I remember him fondly, he will be greatly missed. This is very sad news indeed
  8. Greetings my brothers and sisters of Chaos, as you may have noticed i cannot be around all the time and thus i am in need of a right hand man or woman to aid me in leading our glorious Hand. So i am hereby opening up the position of Ironfist of Chaos; those who think they have what it takes may apply here. First i will give you a run down of the position and what is expected of you. As my second in command you will be required to be: Active a reasonable amount (this doesn't mean everyday or most days). Be willing to lead the troops. Be able to take initiative. Host events and keep the
  9. This Thursday gather at the Chaos Shrine at 7.45pm UK Time, we will be heading to Yew where there will be a meeting held by Fynn Barret to discuss the coronation of Lord Blackthorn, there will likely be nay sayers so we have to be there to fight Blackthorns corner! There will also be action involved so come supplied for battle!! When? Thursday 7.45pm UK Time Where? Gather at Chaos Shrine -Escaflowne, Chaos Prime.
  10. All brothers and sisters are urged to gather for the most important event since our creation! The return and crowning of our great Lord Blackthorn. We gather at the Chaos Shrine at 7:30pm UK Time When? Tonight 7:30pm UK Time Where? Gather at Chaos Shrine or at Castle Blackthorn if your running late -Escaflowne, Chaos Prime
  11. Yeah i'm not having a good time at the moment and have not been on the computer, the one night i go for the first time in ages to blow off some steam was last thursday and i end up loosing my glasses, phone and 300 pound plus my car which took me 5 hours to find the next day. I think i had my drink spiked as i cant remember anything and i've had some pretty crazy nights out but i've never blacked out before, always remember everything. But just got alot of shit going on in life at moment and been too depressed to face playing my computer. Think i'm having my mid life crisis early
  12. Gather at Chaos Shrine tonight at 7.45pm BST/UK Time. -Escaflowne, Chaos Prime.
  13. Aye but i always take a while to get used to any new forum, new forums always frustrate me
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