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  1. Thank you for the reply Nathaniel, and all others who took the time to reply.
  2. I am fairly certain they created the concept of Avatarianism, but the Avatar was created by UO. This is why i am also confused and would like to hear one of them say its okay to use it, or not. Are there even any Grd left? There website is down and all their houses seem to have changed and been moved around.
  3. Greetings old friends. I have noticed that there is not much left of Grd and so i have had trouble finding one of them to put my question to. I want to know if other groups/guilds can use the Avatar faith or is it something Grd own the copyright to and don't wish others to use? I've noticed in my searching stratics that some guilds from other shards use Avatarianism or very similar forms of it. Would i be correct in thinking that because its based on characters from the Ultima series this means that Grd cannot copyright the Avatarian faith?
  4. I've tried leaving him messages and notes. No luck. How do i contact a GM these days? Do they even respond in-game anymore?
  5. Hello all, I read some place that if a neighbour has built a third floor on their castle you can get the third floor removed by a GM if it interferes with your house. Is this true and if so who do I contact and how? It really causes massive lag for me. He has also placed pots and vases on his roof that appear to be on my front door, thereby decorating my porch for me. It kind of ruins my house and it isn’t the standard issue of one house covering another, it’s something he has added to his roof to make a third floor where there should not be one. See the picture below. Any advice on this issue
  6. Castle would be empty upon selling, just want to get an idea of its value? Not blocked and though near a swamp, no spawn at all near the building. Its just north of Britain near the swamp edge between Britain and Cove.
  7. I have never closed my account so I'd show up! Might dust Henry off though by now i expect he will be using a walking stick like the rest of us.
  8. I doubt so many years of RoE, LoW and so on is about to get changed even if most of the roleplaying guilds have gone. I for one am glad the remaining guilds are still using the rules.
  9. I remember meeting the Verity Sands character at some point though not the Alexander character. I am sorry to hear of this loss both for her family rl and her friends in Grd.
  10. So how many roughly are left in the "community"? It cant be that many anymore, can it? What guilds are still weekly active?
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