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  1. Surely you can break down the time of CoY's existence into periods. I doubt it was all the same.
  2. Its nice to see you are still alive.
  3. Tends to be worth going through these every couple of years or so.
  4. Captain Van Raily. I confess that the wheels of government have been moving somewhat slowly of late. As I said at the meeting I for one welcome your proposal and thus far my aides have raised no clear objections or concerted opposition. I believe therefore we are willing to move forward to providing you with your letters of Marque. I fear arranging a meeting with myself is increasingly difficult, due to a variety of precautions required to ensure my safety, but I feel that should you meet with my good friend Escaflowne he should be able to satisfy all your desires. Chancellor Samsca.
  5. My studies proceed at a languid pace. I have become mired in ennui as I am subject to ever intensive peer review. My subjects grow restless without proper supervision, but I cannot pull myself back from this black depression. How many nights I've wasted now gazing from the tower window, pondering the frailty of existence.
  6. You will all perish eventually. But for now atleast I am too tired.. to do much of anything.. yes..
  7. A reckless ignorance gives way to cautionary inexperience which, hopefully, gives way to mastery. Unfortunately playing with people who are overly cautious when you have made the step up to mastery is an exercise in frustration, since you must either deny yourself the urge to take the initiative and control of the engagement, as your allies will not follow and exploit the opportunity as they would if masters themselves, or endlessly find yourself isolated and defeated due to that above mentioned failure.
  8. I should do some work today. I have to link the performance of death to the ossification of memory within the context of some primary data which may or may not be readilly codified.
  9. The satisfaction from looking at this was minimal to none.
  10. I believe I have just given the impression to someone that I know the least amount of French. So now I have perhaps up to Christmas to learn the language. What could go wrong?
  11. The history of the world is best explained by the of a tripartite model. This model consists of the real material circumstances, which we shall call environment, the beliefs that humans generate experiencing this environment, which we shall call culture, and the resultant actions from those beliefs, which we shall consider politics. Politics however serves to change the material circumstances in which humans find themselves and thus this system posits a cycle of constant change. It has been common to focus upon the first of these categories, Marxists, of various levels of sophistication, espec
  12. Any argument against immigration should rest on the fact that an expanding population increases the relative pool of unskilled labour within a given market and this has a result of reducing the wages that are necessary to acquire it. The result of this increased volume of labour is that the standard of living for the social majority will decline due to the reduced average marginal utility of production. It is for this reason that, since defence of life and property no longer rests on the capacity to put large number of conscripts in uniform, the predicted population decline for Europe should n
  13. This would be amusing if it wasn't so wrong. Going into battle when all you have is your chains is not good strategy. The way to power is to inherit institutions, organisations and people that have already been forged and by slowly turning them reach a point where their views are in conformity with your own. Whether you pick the Tories or Labour to do this is broadly governed by your socio-economic or historic situation. Taking that into account you will view one of these as irredeemably evil and the other as merely misguided. At the end of the day the government, even if you wish to have it t
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