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  1. Hey Clx, Im the player of SlipKnot, Criminal T, DeMoS. DJs, MoA, G@D, and further back DRK with Mary Jane and Pratt.
  2. I only played it Beta and got bored quickly - but it sounds like alot changed since Beta.
  3. what is Fallen Skies? Worth picking up?
  4. Post some more here - From Europa please I can see one of my Guildmasters dead there: Jarij I also see my old account - DeMoS. Im the original one.
  5. Game of Thrones - just finished second Season The Big Bang Theory Breaking Bad
  6. I need to stock up on my love potions then!
  7. Im working in Cologne these days in E-Commerce.. doing all jolly good.
  8. Not sure if its already posted.. can't find anything about it here. Spider Species 'Trogloraptor' Found In Caves
  9. Mephiston from 6i6? or was it -7-? I'd say its dead if you compare it. Im gone from the game as well since a few years. I played in DJs as a few characters. SlipKnot etc.. If you get back now after 6 years, you got alot to learn before you even try to pvp. Alot have changed. I'd say... dont even try because now days its frustrating to even find good pvp.
  10. New Yorkers need to beware... Soon Godzilla is coming!
  11. I think F2P games are the worst rip-off games ever. If you want to compete in those games you will -need- to buy things afterwards.. more than one time. This is a huge income for the companies and I understand why they do it. Then I'd rather pay the 13 bucks a month and know its equal for all.
  12. I think MMOs need something new and fresh. You got the same Game Mechs since EQ/DAoC, you still got the same Interface playstyle since EQ and DAoC. When something new comes then they will also get 10mill Subs.
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