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  1. *Sits down on an overturned barrel* I remember this one time, in a Swaggers room, Devante was gettin' it on with some girl or another and i thought i might pop past and give him a few tips. Once the screaming had died down and things stopped flying past my head i had a strange feeling this girl would rather have me. So, i proceeded to remove my clothing, despite their obvious shy attempts to desuade me i then climbed into the bed. Everthing went black and i woke up in a puddle of mud outside with a rageing.... headach.
  2. It is impossible to put into words what we are to one another, its like being brothers, lovers, parents and friends all mixed together to create two people that are as one. Its almost like a Romeo and Juliet story, except, you know, less gay.... Remember that time you did that thing for me, you know, the one that totaly wasnt gay?
  3. Inside you?..... I nearly shed a tear of happiness when i saw you had posted here, and it happened to be the only time in about 3 years i checked.
  4. DEVANTE!!! Also, seriously, where is the babble? It has gone downhill.
  5. Sioned, I might take you up on that offer at some point I would love to see how things are going online. Nice to see Van hasn't changed... I remember RPing with Nunk and Lyson back in the day, i also seem to remember Kiran too. Ahh, good times!
  6. The real world I couldn't justify £10 a month for UO, but i still brows the forums every so often. I do miss it. Hows the Veeties doing?
  7. I remember even RPing with myself.... Just me?
  8. Mike Renegade! I cant even remember my character name on the free shard but didn't we start a guild in Brit? That had some real potential but i know exactly what you mean. I might see if there is a free pass or something just to see how things are going.
  9. Do you still have to pay to play nowadays? I miss the old days, up to a hundred people in one battle and huge markets. A full Swaggers full with banter. As long as there are those exceptional people that put in so much effort to get people together then there will always be RP. I must say though, that there are so many free shards out there that have a load more freedom for RP, it would make it hard to keep a big community on the official servers.
  10. WOW! I am so happy there is still a community here. An old video i took back in 2009 just reached 1000 views which got me thinking about this site and about all the old friends i made. If no one remembers me i used to play as James Sward for GRD before switching to play as Reed for a load of different guilds, most notably the ones with my old crew Devante, Felix, Lydia and the rest of the entourage in Trinsic and Vesper. It wouuld be great to hear from any of the guys and gals i used to mess about with on UO so if anyone reads this and recognises me then please give me a shout. Here are the
  11. I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory Hawt!
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