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  1. I have created http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Armor_Sets, please add/correct I don't have the Clan Oath, Apella and S80+ armors.
  2. I have added a guide for the quest Pavel's Research, you can find it here. Any comments are welcome.
  3. Yes, it does There are some known issues with sorting cells that don't contain pure numbers, e.g. in the master quest list you can't sort properly by the last column. But for most purposes it's ok. I'm no expert but from what I understand the wiki syntax does now allow easy creation of an associative array for the quests, from which all other pages will draw the same data (e.g. minimum level). There is an idea of nested templates but I'd rather avoid that. If anyone knows how to pass "by reference" specific pieces of text from one wiki page to another I would like to know! In any cas
  4. My wiki looks like this: With the proper rules I don't think I miss anything, but I'm not sure if its OK to discuss this, because ads generate revenue for the site. On another topic, do you think it's worthy to emphasize the distinct quest steps? I had always trouble finding them, because they are lost within so much information Example here. It can be done by writing "{{QStep|1}}" instead of "1)"
  5. Today I visited the wiki with Internet Explorer for the first time and was: But normally I don't care, because I never see these ads
  6. I liked the Stratics "at a glance" tables on the top of each quest, so I've also added a template for their presentation, named (surprise) "Quest". The template includes [[Category:Quests]], so each guide is automatically inserted there too (no need to put that at the end). To use it put this in the first line of each quest guide: {{Quest | <level> | <location> | <npc> | <rewards>> }} For example: {{Quest | 39 | [[Plunderous Plains]] | [[Ghost of a Railroad Engineer]] | Shots, potions or scrolls }} I've done 1000 years and A Broken Dream as examples, I can
  7. Emm, yes, you just add class="sortable" to any table in the wiki and voila! That's the main reason that at least the first 3 elements of the main menu can be consolidated into one entry (but I'm reluctant to change the main page...)
  8. 1. Restructure the quest list as shown here. 2. Add a RB master table. 3. Replace the existing manor table with this one. In addition to these, the main menu needs some reworking I think
  9. Do clan skills apply to summons like Merrow, Nightshade and Kai?
  10. If you don't plan to group with people, SE is your boxed choice, because the only thing you will miss is the haste buff. However, a WC is much more useful at the level range you will spend most of your time (70+), because you will be able to invite people and do parties. If the OP wants to use the Bounty Hunter in order to spoil things, presumably to earn adena, Kamalokas won't do much good if they make "good levels" pass quickly! If you really want to make a duo with box in order to play more alone than in groups, you should also consider a nuker with SE. About money making, don't e
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