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  1. Addition: The sci-fi portal will be offline for a few more hours.
  2. Lineage II is also a big pain... but you know, to be honest, it's very relaxing sometimes... you just have to keep pushing the same buttoms and get lost in your thoughts, right? Or is it just me? -.-
  3. I had high hopes for Fallen Earth (post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2156, mmo - fps), but it seems it wasn't that much after all.
  4. Oh I loved it. Good times, good times. And what about Phantasy Star Universe? The "new one" playable on xbox 360 and other consoles? I've never played it, but some people said it kinda sucks.
  5. I like the funny names, but I'd never use it for my own character/ships. So I guess I count as serious
  6. Oh I loved the screenshots! I'm so eager to play this game, but i'm avoiding atm... because I know once I start I won't be able to stop -.-
  7. I second that!!! * erhh suggests staff contest too*
  8. Incredible. I pointed to a few female friends that are moms on my 360 list.
  9. I'll be playing AC2 before anything else, that's for sure. 1st Altair, now Ezio... more assassinations and more rooftops
  10. Can't find the 360 version here yet *high hopes*
  11. I am so playing this game. Gamespot claims its pc and ps3. Either way its fine, this game is awesome.
  12. I play sometimes, but when I'm busy to play I connect just to party up with a couple friends I have. It's quite fun.
  13. I don't think so, being on a clan didn't changed the stats of my alt char summons. But I'd like the idea
  14. When u start without friends, adena or equips... it it -.- Was hard as hell to me...
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