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  1. IMO there is a huge flaw in the event when just selling the scrolls (or whatever event item) has a better outcome than the event rewards. If you need thousands of chances, that is just dumb.
  2. Well you and I are just not going to agree. Items like EWD should not be a +8-9 reward. Honestly, D grade? +8? WTH. You're in D grade for like a week or two these days. Items that are basically fluff should not be shadow, maybe not tradable but why shadow? L2 has a problem with items just for fluff it seems. My favorite event was the one with the splash screen that gave a clue to the area you needed to locate. I got all kinds of stuff in that event, because I knew the locations in game. The stuff was just a bonus. I liked the Santa event just because it was probably the most "alive"
  3. Everything high end in l2 costs billions. I'm not terribly current on prizes but a Valakas boss jewel goes for like 4 billion, a Frintezza around 2 bill. I need an arcana mace with acumen which is only S grade and I was looking at about 800 mill. So it's only logical that a S80 or higher weapon would be in the billions. But costs a lot does not equal rare. IF you get that. IF. Shadow items suck, btw. I played the last few l2 events as hard core as I could manage (santa, bunnies) and got nothing but pots, half of which didn't apply to my class. I'm not complaining. But I've been p
  4. I don't understand, how are you making 10 million adena with that event logging in once a day?
  5. At S grade levels, no 50 million isn't anything. S80 is not supposed to be super hella rare. They are making it easier to craft and in the Gracia instances apparently it's dropping like candy. Oh sure if a level 40 for 50 mill, that's pretty nice. 50 mill won't be me crap that I need at level 77. I know you haven't played in a while LC, but the level cap is now 85. There are no S grade mage sets, for example, that are better than what you can get for A grade. Problem is, you can't put attribute stones on A grade armor, only S. So me as a healer/nuker I'd have to wear the S grade arcan
  6. I think the complaint is that literally almost no one ever wins those items. A while back they had an event where you could win an A grade weapon; that event with Santa back during xmas. I don't think a single person, across ALL servers, got an A grade weapon. (a real one not those shadow ones). The last rabbit event, which I logged in and ran at every opportunity, got me nothing but low prizes, pots and stuff. Mind you the pots are still useful but when you log in 2 accounts nearly every time the timer is up for the entire duration of the event and still get nothing but the lowest grade p
  7. I find it frustrating to play the events on the hopes it'll make me rich, because it never has. I like to think of it as a side diversion instead and I don't get cranky about it.
  8. Yes, just the attack as far as I know. It's really a shame, IMO servitors (not pets) should get a copy of everything their master has on, since a summoner is nothing but a puppet master.
  9. I don't know why a separate page for each set would be necessary, once you list the stats there's nothing more to say about the set IMO. I'll try to get the stats on clan oath up as I have the robe and light armor already
  10. I hardly ever play the xbox so only my husband has a live account... but kinda funny that game systems, which use to be for social outcasts, are now the social thing
  11. No they don't, but at least in CT2.3 the S grade weapon attribute is shared with the summon
  12. Here's the list Pets, Summons, Agathions, Servitors, etc
  13. The trouble is of course, seeing the page as a user would not tricked out with ad blockers. We're hoping people click the ads, and need to make sure they aren't overly obnoxious, which is why I hate that right one so much Arch have you noticed any trouble seeing npc images? There are a few I cannot see with the ad blocker on, like http://l2.eogamer.com/wiki/Kein_Flying_Knife I cannot see the map nor the npc photo.
  14. I never noticed a problem finding the steps but that certainly stands out more. This is what that same page looks like to me, even with Avant's ad blocker enabled.
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