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  1. I remember some of those battles but can't be sure which char I was playing at the time.
  2. I've a full set of Dragon clothing and several MMORPG site t-shirts and my Templar has a special hoodie. I'll have to put some screenshots up some time.
  3. My laptop won't let me play for long as its a bit under spec and overheats But the game is great. Been enjoying the different quests and building my Deck up. On the TSW forum the thread about the state of the game has replies from Ragnar all the way through it.
  4. Oh right this is finally working? People have been looking for that ARG for ages trying to work it out. I'm not very good at these kind of things but some of my Cabal friends are.
  5. I'm looking forward to the release of this game. Been in the last 2 Betas and enjoyed it quite a bit. More so the second one where I equipped 2 weapon types and found myself fighting things alot easier and gaining sp/ap alot faster. I'll be making a Dragon for my main char, already in a Cabal and my second will be a Templar.
  6. I found the free trial a pain.. I ended up buying a cheap copy of Mines of Moria and patched up from it.
  7. Yeah as Gnomy says, I'm on Laurellin. Mostly playing at being a Dunedain ranger with some fairly good lore people.
  8. Been playing every night pretty much since returning to LOTRO, just a shame most UO players I know have gone to a different server.
  9. Since our disorganised fight against Trinsic, I have been given the task of training you all in battle discipline. Therefore I want to know which days would be best to arrange these events. Write below which days you believe are most suitable.
  10. I'm working on a Runekeeper too, only lvl 20 atm as I take things slow and doing crafting in between. Also started a Hobbit Warden for a bit of fun, only lvl 12 on that and a bit miffed I didn't get past lvl 10 without dying, stupid bears. The kinship I'm in keep saying about how great Mirkwood is so not sure what they're seeing. I thought the monster play war thing was meant to be the pvp side of things? Or am I getting that wrong?
  11. I think thats the way in any game is getting in with the right group of people. I'm really enjoying LOTRO since coming back but I only left previously for RL reasons that I couldn't be at the PC for a while. I've not done any skirmishes yet but looking forward to it when I do. Messing about on my new Rune Keeper currently, good fun blasting things.
  12. I'll try and give you a better idea here. LOTRO is great if you enjoy questing ie; going about killing x number of mobs, running from point a to point b to speak to someone and back again, joining up with random people to take on a large scale mob force that hit very hard (Mostly you meet with decent folk, occasionally you get the odd idiot who can ruin things) You can solo but the fellowship quests you will have to wait till you are at a much higher lvl to acheive them. The storybook quests will need other people so if your not in a Kinship you might want to get in with a good bunch of p
  13. If you are wanting to buy the upgrade then be very careful you click on the right thing on the EA Website or you'll find yourself purchasing a new account that can not be used to upgrade. EA Store link Scroll down to find the upgrade link on that site. It should cost £19.99 so if you find it costing more than that you've pressed the wrong one.
  14. *unsure where to put herself in this* erm.. Damn this patch is long..
  15. Singer of simply red only comes mildly close.. very mildly.
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