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  1. Ahhhh the babble thread, this is what used to keep me checking the forums in the old days. So lets kick this off.... Lets begin with Esca's uniform for his new guild... https://flic.kr/p/P3t9W6
  2. It's all Esca's fault!! Unless it's a good idea, then it was all me
  3. Ah yes, I remember that one, You blacked out when you realised that the girl was actually yo momma!
  4. None of you will ever understand the special bond that Reed and I share, they said a Scotsman and an Englishman would never work, but we proved them wrong.
  5. Hey Reed, love those videos, I'd forgotten all about those. Vesper civil war was a classic campaign, even though rp was apparently in decline then we proved that it wasn't all bad and had around 30-40 people turn out on those nights. Happy days
  6. How odd that we should both randomly check the forums within days of each other, I think it's destiny, we're meant to be together Reed.
  7. I'll see if I can pop onto icq later this evening and catch up with you. I'm assuming you are still up to no good
  8. Missing you too. Hope you're safe from those floods Anna, that's actually what prompted me to check in.
  9. you're not alone, i've had a few "i'm thinking of coming back" messages recently, maybe that time of year or something. If everyone who 'thought' about coming back did then we'd have a big RP community.
  10. I look forward to clashing with you when VTC start to pirate the seas again soon.
  11. I've still got thosands of unedited screenshots, it's great to go through them all and see all these past players pop up in them. If only they all still played.
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