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  1. When did this come surface? The community working together? In case you don't remember me I had many faces in Europa (not well known btw). Seeing you all work together restored my faith in the community. I'm going to come back in game as soon as I have money to re-activate my account. I'm all for this sign me up.
  2. Ok its alot later than I thought it was but I could finally pay for my internet and things are getting back to normal so I am back. Sorry for the delay everyone!
  3. Ill be back soon. Been very busy and life is hectic. Ill be back.
  4. Urks: Grunt, Rugdush Lil'wun, Garock Lil'wun, Gru'la Lil'wun, Vragdush
  5. Urks: Grunt, Rugdush Lil'Wun, Garock Wi wint awl dah wehy duwn tuu dah fufth lebel ob shayme! Luts ob rok tingz tu Clomp agh Stomp!! Wi awr dah mozt Bubhosh Raidahs ob Shayme!! WAAAAAAGH!!!!!
  6. Dah Raidahs: Lil'Wun, Garock Lil'Wun Rugdush *Paw print stamped on the bottom*
  7. Appearance and Personality: Garock is a massive Orc with a broken tusk and stands in a hunched posture. He stands at 6'8". His face has many cuts, and has two different color eyes the right being red, his left being yellow. Though massive and extremely intimidating Garock is exceedingly clumsy. When walking into rooms he'll smack his head or step on goblins accidently. Due to this he is not very sneaky at all. Garock, like all Orcs lives to fight, but above all else eats Horse Meat and drinks Bludale. He favors the more choppy weapons such as swords and axes, only because he loves to collec
  8. Biggah Orc: Warbozz, Harbag Uddah Orcs: Lil'Wun, Garock FUR DAH BLUUDGUD!!!! WAAAAGH!!!! *Paw Print stamped on the bottom*
  9. Regniers Punishment*Raziel sat upon his throne of skulls troubled with the vampire Regnier kneeling inside the cold hard cement Pentagram. The Nightmare Shardak stepped forth from the shadows, and exclaimed that the forces of New Hope have already departed from the trial in Cove.*Raziel exclaimed, "Thissss iss itss fault Regnier, if it nyss wass captured the enemy would've been Dessstroyed!" The vampire then replied, "Chosen! I did not know the prisoner escaped, Izak must have set her free!" Raziel snarled and hissed, "Izak will be dealt with! Itsss didn't think to take assh look in thessh
  10. Body parts fly, the smell of burning flesh fills the air, and howls of pain cry out in the night. A beast of magic, bone, and metal stalks mechanically towards the Order knights wielding its crimson blade. Its Knights of Chaos throw bolts of magic, curses, and arrows as they charge wielding their hideously shaped tools of destruction. The violent and savage forces cry out "Death to the False Avatar! Death to the Virtues! FOR CHAOS!!" The crimson blade of the beast of Artifice slash's swiftly through a knights neck, sending the crown of the warrior flying in a spray of gore. The last of
  11. *A Black Raven carrying a scroll in it's talons lands on the shoulders of all who have blood of innocents on their hands, all that crave power with insatiable greed, and all that have survived the age of light. You open the marked Chaos Seal on the parchment, unroll it, and begin to read.* To all who see these parchments Greetings! This is a call to those that are considered heretics, witches, freaks of nature, murderers, and beasts. Whether you be a tribeless orc that belonged to a slaughtered clan, a skeleton whose undead hordes have vanished into the pages of history, or a renegade fl
  12. I just want too say that artifacts, magical items, and such ruined my old shard Atlantic. Guilds flourished Orcs were big, and so were the undead. After artifacts came out everything began to die with the exception of neutral and good guilds. Then after a while they went away as well. GM Only armor is the only way to keep the game on an even playing field. It prevents RP guilds from becoming mindless monster farmers, and promotes people to just playing the game rather than arty hunt. I hate what artifacts have done to this game, and allowing those artifacts in our community will destroy
  13. I've started a new guild called The Legion of Chaos, which is dedicated to the Virtue Chaos. The members can be of any race Undead, Orc, human, elf, etc... Though it is new and I'm the only member I am seeking other party's that might be interested. If you are interested in joining you can post a message in "The Chaos Wastes." Currently Seeking: War with other guilds, Members, Contacts for events, For the record I've been a part of this community for 5+ years and have high hope for the guild if anyone is interested in it my ICQ is 260088194 or post a mesage in The Chaos Wastes on what
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